20 Ways to Recharge your Blog

Blogging is viral journalism. At the simple click of a button, anyone almost anywhere can find the solution to their problems, expand their knowledge and become inspired. But what about the bloggers themselves? Blogging is often seen as for business or pleasure, and the luckiest bloggers can make it do both. However, both parties, myself included, can often find themselves lackluster and feeling dread even looking at a keyboard. So how do bloggers combat this rut? Below are 20 tips and tricks I have curated that can help recharge yourself as an online writer extraordinaire and potentially reinvigorate your blog to a whole new level.

20 Ideas to Inspire You and Your Blog

1. Branch out – Visit new places. Read new blogs within different realms and industries.

2. Pick up a magazine – These are especially effective when trying to find clever titles and new formats. Pick up all kinds of magazines such as women’s, sports, nature, literary, etc.

3. Tune into YouTube – Watch some videos and try to channel their mannerisms and conversational style into words. Maybe even embed some of your favorites into a post.

4. Vlog – Try yourself out in front of the camera. Ask your followers for ideas or just simply introduce yourself to them. Seeing a face is always a plus and will make your followers feel appreciated.

5. Read a blogging book – As blogging becomes increasingly popular, there are many books about effective tactics and how to make your blog a business.

6. Write not type – What? Blasphemy! Picking up a pen or pencil instead of clicking keys can actually inspire something you never thought would come about. There is something nice about doing things a little old school.

7. Go somewhere new – Humans are creatures of habit, no doubt. Go somewhere you’ve never been, document it and write about it. You’ll be surprised what is all around us, but we never see.

8. Ask for requests – This is a great way to find new ideas and to engage with your readers. Make it a series, like Request Tuesday or Follower Friday.

9. Interview someone – It could be a family member, friend or someone in your community. This is a great way to expand your audience and get your name out in the community.

10. Search the social seas – Look at what is trending or search with interesting hashtags. You never know what you can find and base a post about. Maybe even talk about Twitter itself? Not a Tweeter? No problem, go to your favorite social media site and take a look around, explore. Chances are, your next blog post idea is sitting there waiting to be found.

11. Get visual – Paint, play, sculpt, photograph, etc. Do something visual or with your hands and document it. This will let your left side experience something more than just words and screens. Who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty?

12. Do a tutorial – We are all experts at something. Show your followers. Take a look at Pinterest and other tutorial websites to see how they set everything up, and try your hand at it. People love these and you may just make someone’s day.

13. Share a personal story – This is great way to bond and relate to your readers. Perhaps talk about how you got into blogging or a funny childhood memory.

14. Start a series – Related to the requests tip, this is one of the most effective ways to build consistency in your blog and keep readers coming back for more.

15. Look back at old ideas – We all have ideas that have hit the editing floor or the trashcan. Revisit those; you never know what you’ve forgotten about and what could now be a fantastic post.

16. Start a dream journal – You really never know what will pop up in your dreams. From flying eyeballs to cats running for city Mayor to everything being made out of Jell-O, dreams are unexpected conglomerates of our mind’s memories, thus a great-untapped source for blog inspiration

17. Change up the daily grind – Unless you 5 years old or less, your schedule pretty much rules your day. Try to mix things up and do your daily tasks in a different order or new way. You’ll be surprised how sometimes the smallest things make a huge difference.

18. Freshen up on the news – As we all know new and fascinating things are happening every second of every day, all over the world. Catch up on local, national and global news, pick something you like, and write a response to it.

19. Rearrange your workspace – Our desks, beds, and or wherever silently dictate how we write and our feelings towards it. Redecorate with color, pattern or move your workspace entirely. Hell, throw the whole desk out the window and start new. It will breathe fresh new life into your writing.

20.  Relax, have fun, and remember to be yourself – Being a blogger seems like an easy job or hobby, but in fact it can be quite draining at times. Remember that what ever you write is great on some level and be proud of your accomplishments. Always put your personality into your writing. It makes it more meaningful and authentic, two things that readers love.

Whether you are starting a blog or have had one for years or even are just a business blogger, we can all relate on the fact that finding inspiration is number one priority. Breathe in and breathe out and take one step or in this case, one idea at a time. I hope you will take some of these tips to heart and try them out––maybe even tonight. You will be surprised at the results and so will your readers. Thus making you a better more impactful blogger and your audience applauding you with glee.


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