Bethany Shepard

3 Words to Help You Stand Out from the Competition

Every day we’re pulled in what seems like endless directions. Email. Text. Phone calls. Ads (with or without AdBlock). Pings. Memos. And it goes on and on. And we all receive messages differently.  Soon, if you’re anything like me, everything loses its feeling of priority. That “Look at me, look at me!” factor… it all blends […]

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What is Making Your Brand Hard to Find or Understand?

Wrong message. Wrong time. Wrong channel. Together these errors in communication make for a huge uphill climb in both brand accessibility and brand awareness. And nearly all of us are guilty of it. Think of how your brand communicates like an inside joke. Where what you do, what you believe, and what you sell makes 100% […]

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Ready for a rebrand? Read this first.

First of all, “Congratulations!” Considering a rebrand is a major step in any company. And we like to believe it is both a very serious time, and yet a time to be celebrated. However, rebranding is a complex and complicated process that should never be taken lightly. Rebranding is more the restart of the brand’s […]

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Taking Advantage of Earned Media: Web Design in 5 Days

Like any opportunity, sometimes it knocks when you least expect it. For many not-for-profit organizations, press coverage or any earned media is like striking gold. And for our client, the Bally Foundation or, an opportunity to share their story came to their doorstep. The Challenge When WTHR News offered press coverage of the Bally […]

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