Joel Goodwin

Leveraging Promotional Products to Shape Culture & Build Brands

If your organization’s culture is not a significant factor in achieving your business goals, you have a problem.  Business culture is a reflection on what is occurring on the inside of the company, which all too commonly, is not in alignment with how the company wishes to be perceived by consumers.  Building a strong brand […]

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How to Write a Superb Brand Positioning Statement

Positioning statements encompass the essential and distinctive characteristics or qualities of a brand or product.  These statements are typically internal documents used to direct all major decisions about the marketing, production, and operations of a business. A good brand positioning statement has all the starting information needed to bring focus and clarity to a marketing […]

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What the hell does SERP mean anyway

Don’t you just love acronyms and industry jargon? SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and is the results page you get when you type in a keyword into a search engine. So unless you are involved in the marketing industry, you probably get lost in the terminology, don’t fully understand it or just ignore […]

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Why Marketers are Leaning on Data

Nearly every decision you’ve ever made, whether it’s business or personal was based on some kind of data. Your likes and dislikes influenced your decision and are often rooted in the subconscious. The importance of data has always existed, and the ability to better understand and use it as an advantage is nothing novel. Like […]

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Key Elements of an Effective Business Card

Networking events are a big deal and can be a key ingredient to you and your company’s success. It takes effort and time to bring the elements of representing your business together and making a successful first impression. A key component to that impression is your business card. If it is well designed, informative and […]

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Benchmarking your Competitors: What Really Matters

Benchmarking is an important process, both for evaluating your own business and comparing it to other businesses in your market. A brand benchmark will analyze all aspects of your business, top to bottom, to find which elements are working effectively, and which need to be improved for optimal performance. A competitor benchmark is the same […]

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15 Social Media Marketing Tips for New Businesses

If you run a small or medium-sized business, then you should make sure to focus the majority of your marketing efforts online since you’ll have a better chance of increasing your exposure with a smaller budget. One of the best ways to do this is through inbound marketing, in which you entice customers to come […]

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You’ve got 30 seconds, now impress me!

As a business owner, there will come a time when you are asked to describe what your company does or give a sales pitch. Whether you consider yourself a sales-person or not, if you run a business, you are most definitely a sales-person. If you consider that most people have a real anxiety about speaking […]

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Guest Post – Quick Guide to Effective Meetings

A Quick Guide to Effective Meetings by Dr. Stephen Earnest of My name is Steve Earnest and am one of the principals of Earnest & Treff Consulting. I have taught at Indiana University since 1980, have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a PhD. in Adult Education. Earnest & Treff Consulting was started with […]

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What’s your photography saying about your business?

There is a trend in digital marketing, social-media and branding overall that we have been noticing more and more.  At BoldThink, we can always convince our clients to not make this mistake but it does can take some convincing to spend the extra time and money to do it right (it also doesn’t hurt we […]

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