Joel Goodwin

BoldThink Required Reading Intro

As designers, or as we like to consider ourselves, students of the “designful”, we are always searching out inspiration… gleaning every grain of thought-provoking piece of design, marketing or leadership information we can.  Sometimes inspiration comes from blogs, visits to museums, gazing at paintings or tousling the pages of a good book. Especially a good […]

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Writing Blogs: A Few Simple Tips

Writers and bloggers alike are often overwhelmed by deadlines. The typical blogger is not a full-time, staff writer but more often a business owner or industry expert with less time to devote to writing. They juggle a lot of other responsibilities and find themselves pressured by the need to produce good content. There are a […]

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Social-Media Overload – HootSuite to the Rescue!

As a business-owner you probably lack the time to tackle the broad social media marketing plan we usually advise our clients to undertake. I can offer compelling reasons why social media is a must for your business but the biggest challenge for the business-owner is finding the time to tweet, blog, post and manage your […]

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Tweet because we said so. (part two)

Now that we may have convinced you that using Twitter can add value to your brand, you’ll want to know how to use it. Here are some basics to help you get started. Create your Twitter account: 1. Sign-up.  Go to > enter your full name, email address and pick a password. The most […]

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Tweet because we said so. (part one)

Twitter is a unique social-media application that represents one of the more “social” attempts at connecting users and putting like-minded individuals in the same place. I would even suggest it does a better job at defining or letting you create your social- media personas than other applications that are out there (sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg). The […]

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