Martha Hermerding

5 Ways to Harness Bold Marketing Strategy

Hello BoldThinkers! After this past year at BoldThink, it has come time for me to say goodbye. But it is a bittersweet goodbye as I am equally excited about my next great adventure as I am heartbroken to leave behind my BoldThink family. I came to BoldThink as a senior journalism student at IUPUI, still […]

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5 Free WordPress Plugins for a More Powerful Blog

At BoldThink, we are always chasing new ways to work smarter, faster and more productively. WordPress plugins can give your blog an extra edge or develop new ways to support your sales department. Below is the list of plugins that can turn a standard page into a powerful tool. Scroll Triggered Box   One of the […]

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5 Places to Find New Clients

As your business grows, you may find the target market you fit with shift or you simply may need more clients to feed your growing ambition. Recruiting clients that align themselves with your core values can be complicated. So, here are five ways to find new clients that you can build long-term relationships with. From […]

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How to Build a Brand for Small Business

Brand for small business is just as important as it is for larger corporations. In fact, a strategic brand plan can help your business grow exponentially. While many small business owners understand the importance of a strong brand, many of them don’t know why. Your brand serves as your business’ identity because it embodies what your […]

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How to Communicate Across Generations in the Workplace

It is commonly understood in sociology that breaks in generations occur when historic and cultural events shape the way parents rear their children. Events like 9/11 and Brown v. Board of Education change the way parents protect and encourage their children, thereby instilling a generalized set of values into the new generation that will continue […]

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5 Cult Brands of Indianapolis

Having a cult brand is a desirable goal for any small business owner because it means having a dedicated following of your products and services that is met with enthusiasm and success. In addition to having fantastic products, cult brands need an innovative marketing plan to reach ideal audiences. Indianapolis is teeming with cult brands […]

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10 Things Every Successful Brand Needs

Building your brand from the ground up can be a daunting task because of how much needs to be done, but reevaluating an established brand may be more difficult because of as creatures of habit we get caught in ruts. So, here is a checklist to begin building or rebuilding your brand. Creating an outline […]

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Where to Find the Best Free Stock Photos

Impactful images are a necessary piece to creating a great website. But finding images that meet your needs and don’t cost a small fortune can be difficult. You can take photos yourself, buy images from stock photo websites that run a pretty penny or find images online that are free to use. There are a […]

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Measure What Matters: A Guide to Google Analytics

Which Metrics Should I Choose? If you take the time to measure something, you and your associates will naturally work to improve it. So choosing which metrics to measure and promote for your business means choosing which aspects of your business you most want to grow. But choosing metrics that will help set your business […]

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Online Marketing Trends for 2015

As 2015 swings into high gear, it is likely you are looking for effective online marketing strategies that will propel your sales team for another year. Here are online marketing trends we expect will expand business opportunities in 2015. Building Upon Content Marketing Many businesses will abandon traditional digital marketing tactics to develop inspirational, relevant […]

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