Martha Hermerding

5 Lessons from Cult Brands

Reaching to become a cult brand is like trying to create the next viral video on YouTube – unpredictable at best. A cult brand is defined by the undeniable commitment their customers have to the products, culture and philosophy of the company. Though cult brands are distinct from one another, each one has dared to […]

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How to Recruit Guest Bloggers for your Brand

A solid way of elevating the quality, visibility and reputability for your blog is by bringing in guest bloggers with their own audience. But trusting an outsider with messaging for your website can be difficult. The key is finding someone who already understands your brand and your goals. Here are some methods to find the […]

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5 Myths of Inbound Marketing

With anything new and complicated, the truth is spread just as much as the confusion is. Though inbound marketing isn’t that new to the marketing mix (it was invented in 2003!), inbound is still growing in business consciousness. You may have heard some myths about inbound marketing, and we’d like to help fix that. Keep […]

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3 Reasons You’ll Love Working with BoldThink

What do you want your business to look like in one year? Five years? Twenty years? At BoldThink, we are committed to helping you meet your marketing goals no matter the scope or size. Working with our BoldThinkers means choosing a bold life for your brand with lasting effects for years to come.

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Original Content … So What?

The most dangerous comment on the internet is “Repost!” with a link provided. Business to business and business to consumer companies alike are creating a blog and social media to bring in new opportunities. But who cares? So one person has seen our video before. So what?

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8 Signs It’s Time for a Brand Remodel

Let’s face it: we are creatures of habit. You may think the best way to keep up brand recognition for your company is by keeping it the same as it has been. Truth is, brands need to grow and change as their company’s goals and products do. A refocused brand can grab the attention of […]

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Inbound and Outbound Marketing: How to Market Cohesively

Like so many industries, the marketing world is changing rapidly with technological advances. Advertising agencies now call themselves integrated marketing communicators, but what does that mean? Integrated marketing communications is what many of us would consider the combination of inbound and outbound marketing: banner ads, blogging, social media, direct mail offers, branding, speech-writing, etc. The […]

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Inbound Marketing for Small Business: 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not To!

Sometimes inbound marketing gets called out for being the new kid on the block. Truth is, inbound marketing has a reliable method of research, content creation and evaluation to find your audiences and generate leads. Using inbound marketing can turn strangers into leads, customers and promoters for your business by zeroing in on their needs […]

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3 Ways to Develop an Engaged Customer Base

Experts agree across the board that it is 5 to 10 times more expensive to lure in a new customer than it is to maintain an existing relationship. But with hundreds of companies putting out similar products with competitive prices, how do you keep previous purchasers coming back for more? Keep them engaged with your […]

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