Theresa Goodwin

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Today’s business world is vastly different than what it may have looked like when you created your business. While websites used to function primarily as an online brochure telling people who you are, what you do or sell and your location, today’s websites should be designed – both visually and technically — to attract new […]

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6 Things to Think About when Choosing a Marketing Agency

I was talking to a friend the other night who was recounting his experience of hiring a marketing company (his attempt to anyway). He said they told him that they would “walk along beside him” to build his online presence. The salesy pitch didn’t translate into why he should hire them or how they were […]

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5 Assumptions That Are Killing Your Lead Generation Efforts

Pop quiz time. How many leads does your free e-book need to generate before you can consider it a success? A) At least 100 B) Several hundred C) None of the above O.K., so it’s a trick question. The correct answer is “C.” Depending on the value of your leads and how they’re discovering your […]

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Why SEO isn’t enough to generate leads

Hey there, here’s a newsflash for you: SEO isn’t enough anymore. Your competitors are vying for the same keyword phrases that you are. So when push comes to shove and everyone is climbing their way to the top of the search page for the most clicks; who wins the new customer? Well, if you depend […]

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The Hidden ROI of a Rock-Solid Brand

In business, your brand is what propels growth. When you invest money and time back into your brand, it allows your business to grow by becoming more noticeable and by reaching more potential customers. With competition becoming increasingly tough (and not just for new customers, but new talent as well), it’s no longer optional to […]

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Does your inbound and outbound marketing work cohesively?

There has been a significant amount of speculation on the decline of outbound marketing as part of a business’ strategy over the past few years, but further research has actually shown that outbound marketing is still a valuable part of the marketing mix.  While it’s true that over 200 million Americans are on the “Do […]

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Marketing Tactics: Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

January is usually the time for resolutions, both personal and professional. Whether you are outsourcing your marketing or keeping it in-house, here are 4 tips to jump start 2015 and get more sales leads. 1.) Get strategic Start out by establishing goals that you want to accomplish for the year. Be sure to keep them […]

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5 CTAs You Should Try on Your Blog

Though a great inbound marketing campaign begins by capturing the attention of potential clients and experts in the field, it should continue by encouraging your audience to take action and move visitors down the sales funnel. Choosing the right Calls to Action for each blog post will encourage your visitors to become more engaged with […]

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What’s the Value of Your Brand?

What’s in a name? It’s a question we’ve been asking since Shakespearian times. And though the genius concludes that a name does not change the object itself, I’m here to tell you he’s wrong. In a free market, your name means everything. More than a logo or a pithy tagline in a particular color in […]

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Is your business tagline sticky?

Creating a sticky tagline. A business tagline is an important asset to your company brand. Even though taglines should be simple to create when writing your business plan or brand strategy, let me tell you, it ain’t easy! Don’t believe me? Ask any copywriter, brand strategist, or marketing guru, and you will get an ear-full. […]

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