Theresa Goodwin

Is your business tagline sticky?

Creating a sticky tagline. A business tagline is an important asset to your company brand. Even though taglines should be simple to create when writing your business plan or brand strategy, let me tell you, it ain’t easy! Don’t believe me? Ask any copywriter, brand strategist, or marketing guru, and you will get an ear-full. […]

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YOU’RE FIRED! 5 tips on terminating an employee.

A leadership post dedicated to our executive clients: YOU’RE FIRED! Organizations have to be very careful when they make not only hiring decisions, but also when deciding that the relationship is not mutually beneficial and it’s time to terminate employment. In order to avoid costly mistakes that may result in legal action, employers must think […]

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Marketing Time Management: How to Spread Your Message Without Wrecking Your Schedule

by Guest Blogger: Robby Slaughter There are countless challenges to effectively marketing your business. Perhaps the one most commonly brought up is cost. You do need to spend money on marketing expertise, graphic design, advertisements, marketing strategy, and so on. But that’s not the biggest cost you have to pay. The most expensive part about […]

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So what does a website REALLY cost?

More often then not, when a potential client sits down with a website design agency, one of the most burning and pressing questions on the other side of the table is, “so what’s this going to cost me?” While we respectfully understand that it’s an important question when it comes to budgeting, it’s not that […]

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Top 5 Performing Blog Posts in 2013

Happy 2014! If you are living in the midwest, or in the Indianapolis area where our offices are located, hopefully you are finally starting to make your way back out into the world after the snowpocalypse. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have made it back to work, lucky you. I’m still […]

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Why You Need to Treat Your Logo Like a Tattoo

It’s not secret to people who know me to know that I have a tattoo, and if you really know me well, then you know that my husband is pretty much all tattooed on his arms. For months now and for really the past year, I’ve wanted another tattoo to signify the obstacles and challenges […]

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Attend a lot of networking events and get a lot of business cards?

If you do a lot of networking and attend a lot of events, you probably collect a lot of business cards. Those little cards pack a lot of powerful information if you know how to use them.  People may sift through them and pick out a select few that they have an immediate need for, […]

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How to write great blog content

Blogging as a form of inbound marketing is both equally important and challenging. If you are like most busy people, finding topics to write about can be as cumbersome and time consuming as writing the blog itself. It can cause a lot of stress, especially if you don’t consider yourself a writer.  One simple thing […]

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Why Storytelling Matters in Marketing

Most people don’t equate business success with storytelling. What often comes to mind is facts, figures, sales and solutions. The reality is that when it comes to marketing, your story is one of your most powerful keys to success. Storytelling is a very powerful form of communication. Stories create connections. It may seem that today’s […]

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s The Difference?

If you run a business, then you know how important marketing is in spreading the word about your company’s products and services. If you don’t market your company, then you won’t get any customers. This means that your company’s success relies heavily on your marketing campaign. While traditionally, the use of outbound marketing was the […]

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