Theresa Goodwin

The Power of Great Content – Inspired by Marcus Sheridan

Originally spoken by: Marcus Sheridan | | @thesaleslion During the Go Inbound Marketing Conference, each speaker covered a crucial and niche part of the inbound marketing process. After the lunch break, Marcus Sheridan, a former pool company owner and now inbound marketer, consultant, and speaker, expounded on the idea that our content is what drives our […]

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Brand Elements That Matter

Because you haven’t heard this definition enough if you’re an avid reader of our blog, a brand is a person’s gut feeling that they get when they think of your business. Many people have a hard time grasping the fact that a logo is not a brand, but rather an element of what makes a […]

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BoldThink at Go Inbound Marketing Conference 2013 Recap

It’s amazing how things align themselves sometimes. On June 12th, Theresa and I were in the office talking about potentially going to an Inbound Marketing event sometime soon. Little did I know at the time, that there would be one occurring the next day­––in Indianapolis. Sadly both of us could not attend, but there I […]

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Content Marketing: What’s your Story?

It’s true. People don’t talk about boring stuff, and they most certainly won’t talk about your boring company if you don’t give them something to talk about. Every company, every business, and every product and service has a story. So what’s yours? This story is one of the many major content marketing strategies. Using your […]

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The 5-Step Formula to Inbound Marketing

[INFOGRAPHIC BELOW] Understanding Outbound Marketing Old school marketing, also called “outbound marketing”, can be costly and ineffective. These marketing channels such as direct mailers, television, radio, and print ads do not bring in customers like they used to. Marketers call this interruption marketing: a one way, ingenuine conversation that pushes the marketing message onto the […]

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Keepin’ It Cohesive: By Using Brand Guidelines

The true definition of what it means to be a “brand” is often greyed. From an outsider’s perspective, a brand is simply a person’s feeling towards a product, company or service. On the front lines of a brand or within a company, a brand is how all the messages, graphics, and personalities all fit together […]

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20 Ways to Recharge your Blog

Blogging is viral journalism. At the simple click of a button, anyone almost anywhere can find the solution to their problems, expand their knowledge and become inspired. But what about the bloggers themselves? Blogging is often seen as for business or pleasure, and the luckiest bloggers can make it do both. However, both parties, myself […]

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To Pay or Not to Pay: An Internship’s Biggest Question

It’s one of the integral parts of the college experience. It is the conundrum all students fall into when they begin to seek their place in the business world: the internship. Every student faces the challenge of balancing school, work, and simply life in general during their Junior and Senior years. However, internships are more […]

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4 Bad Habits To Break with your Marketing Messages

Amongst the never-ending piles of marketing collateral, campaigns and copy, lies the thing that holds it all together: the message. As business owners, creative leads, or just the everyday employee, this message that drives a company’s goals is the leader of the pack. However, we all understand and know the marketing madness happens behind closed […]

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Why Building Buyer Personas Can Fuel Your Company’s Success

Most all of us were taught in a marketing or business class, that it is always important to know who you are selling to, aiming for, and striving to reach. Those people can essentially make or break your business. We called them our “target audience” or “target market”, but hold onto your seats because there is a […]

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