Theresa Goodwin

Social Media’s Influence on Design

Sometimes it is scary to think about the future. Questions like what will happen to the world, country, city, yourself, or even scarier… will your job or skill exist in the future? When I think about the future, I often wonder how design will change. In the past ten years, major changes, especially with digital […]

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How Culture Has Influenced Design

Design is a field that is ever changing. It both influences and is influenced by the culture it aims towards and the current norm. Today, design and all its subfields are seen as mostly a commercial art form. However, that isn’t always the case and for most of the past century, design was a hyper […]

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Why Writing is Still Important for Business

Writing is both a way of sharing a thought or idea and a in a certain way a critical skill to success. While in school, we all had to endeavor the late nights and endless cups of coffee to churn out a paper while in utter agony. However, there are some people who really enjoy […]

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Turn Your Website Redesign Into an Inbound Marketing Machine

It’s time for a change. It happens to all organizations. One day you wake up and notice that your company’s website needs a major refresh. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s looked the same for 3 years (Where did the time go?). Maybe it’s because your company’s just gone through a rebranding and you need the […]

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Does your company REALLY need a website redesign?

It’s always interesting to talk with potential clients who come to us to talk about redesigning their website. The conversation often goes something like this: “We really need a website redesign. We had it designed a couple years ago and we get absolutely no hits or leads. We think it’s time for a change.” Hmm. […]

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Turn your business blog into something your customers WANT to read!

So you want to write, but you aren’t sure what to write about? Writing for business blogs is one of the most important tools that your company can use for their marketing strategy but is no doubt one of the most challenging. When we meet with our clients and ask them about the value in […]

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Be Social with Your SEO

Social media is a realm that is often seen as something only users can engage and benefit from. More and more businesses, brands and new industries are entering the social media world. So how does this all relate to SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization? Well, it’s simple. SEO is all about relevance, newness, […]

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BoldThink is Undergoing Some Changes!

They say that change is good, and in our industry, change can often happen fast. When I first started BoldThink in 2011, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, working with such great talent in our employees and contractors, as well as having amazing clients who appreciate all that we do. […]

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Color Me Brand

In establishing a brand code and persona, it is critical to note the importance on color. As most companies know, their brand is more than just their logo, typeface, and slogan, but rather a brand is much larger picture. A brand can be as expansive or concise as you choose to have it. It is […]

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Framing Opportunity As a Graduating Design Student

As I am writing this, I feel a bit hypocritical only because I, myself, am still on this journey. For the bulk of senior design students, the next few months are filled with emotional toils, brain buzzes, epiphanies, and self-doubt.  One moment we feel as if jobs and opportunities should just fall like lemon drops […]

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