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Six Fundamentals of Creating a Great Logo

From Apple’s apple to the Target’s iconic well…target, successfully rendered logos can make all the difference for brand building and recognition. If you are a new business or rebranding an existing one, creating a logo is one of the most exciting and vital steps in building your brand image. A brand logo is the first […]

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The Importance of Brand Consistency

When it comes to building your brand, brand consistency is key. Think of some of the powerhouse brands out there and how brand consistency plays a role in their company. For instance, take Target. Target is aptly represented by red circles making a Target in a fun way. The vibe is playful. In all their […]

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Rebranding Care Horizon with New Name, Logo, Website Design & More!

New Name, Logo, and Website Design   Cumberland Associates (now Care Horizon) approached our team with a lot of opportunities. They felt like they needed a rebrand that included a new logo and a new website design. They also weren’t sure whether the name Cumberland Associates reflected who they were anymore and explained that the name […]

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How to Build a Brand Story

A brand story is an essential tool for your business, but why? Today’s customers are turned-off by direct advertising. It’s salesy and lacks the sophistication of the modern buyer. Rather than be told about your company, they want to sense your company and get a feel for who you are, where you came from, and […]

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Three Branding Trends to Consider for 2018

In our overly stimulated culture, we are continually looking for the next best thing. The next best app, the next best morning super drink, or even the next best life partner. But in business, finding the next best thing is crucial to staying competitive in the marketplace, thrilling clients, and innovating your brand. We must […]

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How to Write a Superb Brand Positioning Statement

Positioning statements encompass the essential and distinctive characteristics or qualities of a brand or product.  These statements are typically internal documents used to direct all major decisions about the marketing, production, and operations of a business. A good brand positioning statement has all the starting information needed to bring focus and clarity to a marketing […]

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Are you applying purposeful branding?

Having a purpose behind your brand is not a new revelation. Long before the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can be viewed as people businesses were relying on their purpose-driven brand to gain a foothold in their industry.   If we take a trip through history, we can look at multiple points to see this […]

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Rebranding the company? 5 Strategic Rebranding Considerations

For many businesses, their worst fear is having a rebranding project go by the wayside. This is why many leaders shy away from this altogether.   Why are you rebranding? The most successful rebrands often come from having a deep understanding of why a company is rebranding in the first place. A change in direction, […]

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Why Rebrand, Counteracting Your Fears

I was speaking to a new client the other day who will be undergoing a rebranding project with us. He knows that their brand including logo, website, and other marketing collateral is “tired” and “outdated.” They aren’t growing as much as they’d like in their new markets even though they are coming off of one […]

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Top 10 Website Needs

Not all websites are created equal, but they do make a huge impression on visitors. We see this ourselves every day as we browse the internet; if a website for one company looks less professional, doesn’t have the information we need, or we don’t like it for some other reason, we are less likely to […]

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