The Power of Customer Testimonials

When it comes to marketing your brand, one of the most important measures of success is the ability to improve your brand’s reputation and build trust amongst your audience. The more brand trust you’re able to generate, the easier it will be to attract and capture leads. This is because most people are initially wary […]

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Edgy Marketing Trends to Consider for 2018

As your team finishes up the last couple of months of the year with a new year and an innovative marketing plan beckoning, take a moment to review what you have planned for 2018. Are you doing the same old thing or are you finding more exciting ways to increase engagement? If you’re ideas feel a […]

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What’s a content marketing strategy? And why do I need one?

“Content is king,” is a term you may have come across on more than one occasion if you’ve done even some passing research on content marketing. While this phrase may be a little eye roll-inducing, it’s not far from the truth. A good content marketing strategy is essential to your inbound marketing campaign; in fact, […]

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The Sibling Rivalry between Sales and Marketing

Working at a marketing agency in both creative and sales at the same time has made me realize a thing or two.   Sales teams don’t like marketing teams, in fact, most of the time they operate on the other side of a pendulum swing in the professional world.   It can be a constant […]

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Trade shows can suck, so make sure they are worth your time.

When our friends at Crane Builders came to us wanting to know if we could help them get ready for the Indianapolis Home Show, we jumped at the chance. Before we could dive in, one of the first things that we needed to know were the issues and challenges that come with having a booth at […]

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You can’t get far without the right tools, get your marketing stack right

Let’s play a game, imagine that you are a Carpenter. For the record, I imagine you are a super talented Carpenter.   Since your talents are in demand in the current housing boom, you have just been hired by a local home builder to be his finish carpenter. The person who brings the beauty, the […]

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Content Promotion > hitting your customers in the head with a Two-by-four

My next door neighbor grew up a farmer. My grandpa always told me a story about him and the time he wanted to buy a mule from his neighbor.  He asked the neighbor if the mule had any problems. “Not a problem,” the neighbor said.  “This mule will do anything you ask.  All you have […]

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Houzz it or lose it, How home builders can use Houzz to grow their business

Houzz is the place over 35 million people find and save beautiful home and garden photos, compiling the features, styles, colors, and patterns they want to create for their perfect home. When making one of their biggest purchases of their lives, customers of home builders and contractors do a ton of research. And more and […]

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Turns out size matters…but maybe not as much as quality

My friend was telling me a story the other day about the first article he ever wrote for a magazine. He was assigned to write a piece on a local non-profit, this was his big break, so he didn’t want to leave anything out.   He interviewed the founder about why she started the non-profit, […]

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Tell Me More: How A Politician Uses Narrative and Storytelling to Connect

BUZZZZZZZ…   “Back up and walk through again.”   said the oddly nice security guard at the City Council building as I attempted to make it through security.   BUZZZZZZZ…   “It’s your belt, take it off.”   I took off my belt and nervously made it through security. I was onward and upwards to […]

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