Why a Killer Web Design is Crucial to Your Brand

The days of function over aesthetic are quickly ending in these technology-savvy times. Customers know they don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. That’s why so many businesses are investing in web design.   Web design is more than just how your website looks. It is one of the single most important aspects of […]

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Top 10 Website Needs

Not all websites are created equal, but they do make a huge impression on visitors. We see this ourselves every day as we browse the internet; if a website for one company looks less professional, doesn’t have the information we need, or we don’t like it for some other reason, we are less likely to […]

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What the hell does SERP mean anyway

Don’t you just love acronyms and industry jargon? SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and is the results page you get when you type in a keyword into a search engine. So unless you are involved in the marketing industry, you probably get lost in the terminology, don’t fully understand it or just ignore […]

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Taking Advantage of Earned Media: Web Design in 5 Days

Like any opportunity, sometimes it knocks when you least expect it. For many not-for-profit organizations, press coverage or any earned media is like striking gold. And for our client, the Bally Foundation or, an opportunity to share their story came to their doorstep. The Challenge When WTHR News offered press coverage of the Bally […]

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5 Free WordPress Plugins for a More Powerful Blog

At BoldThink, we are always chasing new ways to work smarter, faster and more productively. WordPress plugins can give your blog an extra edge or develop new ways to support your sales department. Below is the list of plugins that can turn a standard page into a powerful tool. Scroll Triggered Box   One of the […]

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So what does a website REALLY cost?

More often then not, when a potential client sits down with a website design agency, one of the most burning and pressing questions on the other side of the table is, “so what’s this going to cost me?” While we respectfully understand that it’s an important question when it comes to budgeting, it’s not that […]

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Turn Your Website Redesign Into an Inbound Marketing Machine

It’s time for a change. It happens to all organizations. One day you wake up and notice that your company’s website needs a major refresh. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s looked the same for 3 years (Where did the time go?). Maybe it’s because your company’s just gone through a rebranding and you need the […]

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Does your company REALLY need a website redesign?

It’s always interesting to talk with potential clients who come to us to talk about redesigning their website. The conversation often goes something like this: “We really need a website redesign. We had it designed a couple years ago and we get absolutely no hits or leads. We think it’s time for a change.” Hmm. […]

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Become Dimensional: Start a Blog

We all read them, and we all follow them. Blogging is not just a webpage but also more of a conversational art form. In a way it is a bit like digital real-time scrapbook. They curate and display our ideas, perspectives, and interests and allow others to engage with them. In the past, blogging has […]

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Responsive Web Design: What responsive website design means for your business.

The Internet just isn’t limited to your computer screen anymore. You can literally get on the Internet from your phone, Ipad, Kindle and other mobile devices at anytime or from anywhere. Just walk into your local coffee shop or restaurant during lunch and you’ll see that almost every other person is surfing the Internet from their phone, laptop or tablet. […]

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