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We had the pleasure of listening to keynote speaker, Randi Zuckerberg, at the 2011 Techpoint Innovation Summit. She is the former marketing director of Facebook and older sister of Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. She recently left Facebook to start her own media platform, R to Z Media that will be launching later this year. Randi has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and The Today Show along with many others.

Randi shared some insights and key market research during the summit yesterday that she believes businesses can use to help market themselves on Facebook that we’d like to share with our readers.

Here are her top ten ways to market your business on Facebook:

1. Give people a reason to like your page: There is no rule that says someone has to like your page. Many people can simply look at your page without liking it and keep coming back whenever they want. The problem with this is that often your messages will get missed if they aren’t subscribed to your page- or worse, they might forget about you entirely after visiting your page a few times. If you give them a reason to “like”, you have a greater chance of them sharing your message. Some examples include running contests, offering Facebook exclusive offers, recruiting and giving career advice.

2. Delight customers by featuring them: Who wouldn’t like to be celebrity for a day or week? Some companies successfully doing this right are Oreo, Cisco and H&M.

3. Give your business a human face: Like Dorothy, many people like to know the man (or woman) behind the curtain. Try featuring an executive of the company in an online interview or have an employee write a blog about what they’ve been doing. People like to know that you can relate to them.

4. Free market research: You can track your business and also see how your business competitors are fairing. For some businesses, they might realize that they have a global market and a new target audience that they can cater to.

5. Stay timely and relevant: If something big happens, don’t wait to write about it or you’ll get left behind. Also, keep it relevant to your audience and make sure it’s something they would enjoy reading.

6. Crowd sourcing: Ask users to interact with your brand somehow. A good example of this would be Target. They decided to donate 3 million dollars and asked their readers to nominate an organization and vote for their favorite cause. The highest number of votes got the most amount of money. This gave Target a huge competitive edge because it got their readers to spread the word of what they were doing to their family, friends and colleagues.

7. E-commerce options: In case you didn’t know, but you can now open retail stores on Facebook. 1-800 Flowers, Delta and Heinz are all taking advantage of this.

8. New customer service channels: You need to be responding to the good comments as well as the bad ones. Social media is the new customer service, so you need to be sure you are open to all communication.

9. Real time interaction: Live streaming is a great way to get people to your page. A great example would be how Burberry allowed their Facebook fans to see their new designs right before they hit the runway. No other person, media or magazine got to see them before their Facebook fans.

10. A beautiful mobile experience: Don’t try to be all things to everyone when it comes to the mobile experience. Instead, try taking one thing and doing it very well. Chase did it right with their automatic deposits of checks. Just take a picture and it’s instantly uploaded into your bank account. Diesel jeans also did a great job by having QR codes in their store that allowed for customers to scan the code to get a Facebook discount.


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