5 Cult Brands of Indianapolis

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Having a cult brand is a desirable goal for any small business owner because it means having a dedicated following of your products and services that is met with enthusiasm and success. In addition to having fantastic products, cult brands need an innovative marketing plan to reach ideal audiences.

Indianapolis is teeming with cult brands that Hoosiers go nuts for. Learn more about these brands to propel your business’ marketing plan this year!

The Flying Cupcake

 Flying Cupcake

Year after year, The Flying Cupcake has been voted Indianapolis’ favorite cupcake shop every year since 2007. So what keeps Hoosiers coming back? Of course, the red velvet cupcakes are to blame. But Flying cupcake took advantage of the food truck craze just as it was ramping up to satisfy Naptown’s sweet tooth on the go. Now that they have expanded into a wide variety of locations, keep up with their social media to get the full list of available cupcakes each day!

Elements Financial

Elements Financial

Eli Lily Federal Credit Union just became Elements Financial and has expanded their services to all Marion County residents! Elements wants to bring a personal feel to financial planning and has already hit the ground running with their Life Lessons Blog that helps educate individuals on their options based on their financial goals. Keep your eye on Elements Financial as they continue to revolutionize the banking industry on a local level!

Harry & Izzy’s


Everyone who has ever stepped foot in Indianapolis has heard of St. Elmo’s and their tear-jerking shrimp cocktail. Though this powerhouse continues to stay at its exclusive historical landmark, creators of St. Elmo have established a similarly successful series of spin-off restaurants, Harry & Izzy’s. With three locations including the Indianapolis airport, you can experience the signature flavors of St. Elmo’s without the costly markup.

Sun King Brewery


Sun King knows their market and sponsors a wide variety of events year round in Indianapolis. In fact, they have experienced so much success that they recently needed to restrict their distribution to Indianapolis and Bloomington because of their commitment to being a local brewery. With a small-batch mindset and a rotating cast of beers, Sun King continues to be the brew king of Indy.

Pattern Indy


Pattern Magazine was launched in 2010 as a non-profit with the goal to create opportunities for the fashion world in Indianapolis by building connections and hosting educational special events. Their vision of the future has caught on and grown significantly into a retail location on Mass Ave that provides a location for local design artists to sell their wares.

These brands have experienced the cult branding phenomenon on a local level. Their success comes from their willingness to embrace a new perspective to build a loyal customer base. To learn more about how to expand your brand, contact one of our brand strategy consultants!

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