5 Free WordPress Plugins for a More Powerful Blog

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At BoldThink, we are always chasing new ways to work smarter, faster and more productively. WordPress plugins can give your blog an extra edge or develop new ways to support your sales department. Below is the list of plugins that can turn a standard page into a powerful tool.

Scroll Triggered Box

 Scroll Triggered Box

One of the most effective calls to action you can put in place on your blog is Dreamgrow’s Scroll Triggered Box. The box slides up when a visitor scrolls down the page and prompts him to learn more about what you have to offer. These sorts of CTAs really catch your audience’s attention because of their commanding movement across the page.

The best part is that box can be completely customized with HTML text you want including Exact Target, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. You can also control when the box appears, how long it will stay hidden from an uninterested user, the colors and content. You can even choose where the box is visible: front page, posts and/or pages.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

 Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.18.29 PM

SEO experts recommend you grab an SEO plugin for your WordPress blog. Our favorite plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which can handle just about every detail for your SEO.

The direct impact of this plugin will have on your writers is the SEO box on the back end beneath each post. With this tool, you can choose the focus keyword for each post that can keep your posts focused. Then you can choose a custom title and description as they will appear on Google. This plugin is easy to use because the bright green/red text can be used as guidelines for how your post stacks up based on the keyword you’ve entered.

Hello Bar

  Hello Bar

The WordPress plugin for Hello Bar is a unique call to action at the top of a webpage to help you collect more information about your site visitors. It’s a great tool to use in conjunction with your other CTAs because a visitor doesn’t have to scroll before being greeted.

The plugin is so simple to use. Just download, install, and paste in your Hello Bar code. You can also signup for a free Hello Bar account and grab the embed code yourself, but we think the plugin is an easier way to customize your experience!

Click to Tweet by CoSchedule

 Click to Tweet

A click to tweet option is a great way to add social media hype and expand your audience for your blog. Giving your readers an easy way to share your best sound bites makes them more likely to promote your brand with little effort.

The Click to Tweet WordPress plugin by CoSchedule accomplishes this in a really beautiful way. Once installed, you can add shareable quotes right inside your blog posts.

WP Hide Post

This is one of the least-known WordPress plugins. WP Hide Post does exactly what it says: It hides posts from the blog. However, these posts are still visible with a direct link. However, they won’t show up in RSS feeds or on the main page of blog posts.

It is a great plugin to publish marketing materials like case studies or interviews to streamline future outreach efforts and promotions. Since these materials typically don’t fit the content strategy for a standard blog, hiding them from our standard publishing streams will help identify target markets.

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