5 Steps to a Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Integrated marketing campaigns are a great way to make an impression on a lot of viewers reasonably quickly because the systematic process of research, plan, implement, evaluate gives you a road map to meet your target market where they are already looking. The additional benefit of integrated marketing is that the variety of platforms available for use means you can reach a wide variety of audiences.

Your want your marketing strategy to build upon your business and make it stronger. We want to help you do that as effectively as possible. Keep reading for more insight on how to begin an integrated marketing campaign to do just that.

Create a consistent brand.

Yes, you should have a striking logo. Even though a powerful logo should be a visual representation of a business, a brand should also be a guide of how associates interact with each other and their clients, why you believe in your business and what you want to be striving for.

The core of a strong brand is more than key messaging and logo design and a well-defined target market. The core to your brand is the people who work in your offices because with every interaction they have they are creating impressions of your business.

Develop a comprehensive strategy.

Create a comprehensive marketing strategy complete with goals, objectives, tactics, outlets and timeframes for each piece of your marketing campaign based on research to reach your target market. This is the time to take control of what pieces of your message reach whom and where.

Your tactics release timing can be constant, targeted or roadblocks depending upon your needs and your target market’s daily lives. But the key to building an effective marketing strategy is by beginning with in-depth primary and secondary research.

Write a succinct message.

How do you want your target market to feel?

If they can only remember one piece of information about your business, what do you want it to be?

The answer to these two questions should simplify the tone and content of your messages. With everything you write, keep your target tone and message in mind so that all of your pieces feel in sync for the reader.

Design with visual impact.

Let’s face it. People hate reading. A successful integrated marketing campaign should deliver your message with more than words. Choose visuals that leave your target market with the right frame of mind.

Just like how your messaging should adhere to your brand’s goals and be a natural extension of that messaging, a visually impactful marketing campaign should adhere to your brand standards by choosing consistent colors and marks associated with your brand.

Evaluate your work.

Establishing a baseline of what you hope to achieve before launching an integrated marketing campaign is key in evaluating it later. Choosing effective goals and objectives will make it possible to measure the reach of your successful marketing campaign.

So, how does your business want to measure success? Make your integrated marketing communication objectives research-based, measureable and timely so you know how and when to evaluate the impact of your marketing campaign. Then you will be able to more accurately improve your marketing campaign design and implementation next time.

A functional integrated marketing campaign clearly needs a significant amount of research and planning before it can be launched. So it is important to get started with the first pieces of this process in advance.