5 Ways to Harness Bold Marketing Strategy

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Hello BoldThinkers!

After this past year at BoldThink, it has come time for me to say goodbye. But it is a bittersweet goodbye as I am equally excited about my next great adventure as I am heartbroken to leave behind my BoldThink family.

I came to BoldThink as a senior journalism student at IUPUI, still green to an office environment and the daily upkeep of an online marketing strategy. I’ve been so fortunate to grow and learn about marketing, SEO and strategy with Theresa, Joel and Allison. More than that, I’ve learned from them the importance of being bold, following your dreams and continually seeking out ways to better yourself in your work and your friendships.

It is because of these lessons that I have decided to continue seek out my dreams in Chicago as I begin working for NASDAQ OMX as a copy editor. I’ve known for many years that I wanted a life of living boldly in many places and experiencing as much of the world as possible.

So it is with this next adventurous leap that I want to inspire my last Top 5: 5 Ways to Harness Bold Marketing Strategy

Let your brand take on a life of its own.

The best brands are ones that have a big personality and take risks. Think of your brand like a person with a set of values, dreams and adventures. By creating a persona, you’ll write copy with a distinct point of view that can connect with your target market on an emotive level.

Further a cause you believe in.

Many businesses already donate to or are on board for causes their leadership is passionate about. Take this a step further and integrate it into your branding by boosting awareness or donating proceeds. Choosing something to care about will attract similarly-minded clients and employees that create long-lasting partnerships built upon something more than the products themselves.

Make your customers decision makers.

Send out annual surveys. Do comprehensive exit interviews with dissolving and renewing contracts. Write case studies with commentary from the clients. Then make their answers visible to everyone in your offices. By giving every consumer a voice instead of just high-revenue clients, you foster innovation in customer service and experiential marketing.

Start with why.

Anyone who has read my blogs with any sort of regularity knows that I can never stop singing the praises of Simon Sinek and his famous Ted Talk “Start With Why.” As Gen X and Millenials continue to climb the ranks in the workplace, the question they most want answered is “why do you want this done.” We’ve been taught to consider and understand the full mechanics behind every decision we make including which businesses we work with. If you give them a reason to believe what you believe, they will get on board and build longer lasting relationships.

Shake things up.

Choose a bright, distinctive color for your new logo. Plan a flash mob at a big, public event. Have one person in each department write a blog. Refocus your services page. Shaking things up is going to look very different at every business, but being stuck in a marketing rut doesn’t get people talking.

At BoldThink, we believe fortune favors the bold brand. It has inspired me to make the bold move instead of staying comfortable, and it should help you meet your marketing goals by making waves in your industry. Thank you so much for your support in my time here at BoldThink, and I look forward to seeing you grow and take risks when I come back to visit.