8 Signs It’s Time for a Brand Remodel

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Let’s face it: we are creatures of habit. You may think the best way to keep up brand recognition for your company is by keeping it the same as it has been.

Truth is, brands need to grow and change as their company’s goals and products do. A refocused brand can grab the attention of new potential clients and reignite old relationships.

Keep reading to see if your brand exhibits some of the symptoms of a much-needed refresher.

Your customers can’t read your name.

DisneyIf people squint and mispronounce your name, then you’re losing brand recognition. Yes, it maybe a very eye-catching font. Yes, it might have been the same for ten, fifteen, forty years, but unless you’re Disney and can pull off having everyone read your name as Gisnep, get rid of it! Smaller personalities can be intimidated into not calling if they can’t read your name. At best, others won’t remember your name by your typeface.

Your color scheme is everywhere.

Every time you turn around, there is navy, grey, hunter green, maroon. “I want our brand to have strength. We like the idea of navy and grey.” We hear it every day. Use your color scheme to differentiate you from your competition. It will make you more memorable and can bring in a more tailored audience. Many of the world’s strongest brands are built on bold colors.





Your logo has too many details.



There is so much your business can do, and you want your logo to say it all! But sometimes saying it all means putting lots of images into what should be a quick glance. Use your logo to convey the personality and essence of your company. Every logo doesn’t always need an indicator of what you do. None of the strong brands listed above give away what their business does, but you still remember.

Your style doesn’t fit your market.

Maybe you’re trying to appeal to twenty and thirty somethings but still have a logo with a swoosh in it from the 90s. Maybe you want to talk to women and your color scheme is orange and navy. Maybe your logo is chrome and sleek and modern but you cater primarily to mom and pop shops. Sometimes a “cool” logo isn’t enough. Your style should speak to the audience you want to attract.

Your brand has lost its spice.

Who is your target market? “We think everybody can use our products.” Maybe, but you can’t sell to everybody. Not everyone is drawn by the same visual elements. Not everyone needs to hear the same information before making a business decision. Trying to cater to everyone and fill every need means watering down what your company does best. Recapture that.

Your visual details change from place to place.

Bring together every single thing a customer may see before buying: business cards, signage, flyers, coupons, website, etc. How much does it look alike? Do they all use the same colors? Are the same visual cues there? Do you use the same fonts? If there are more than two variations, it’s time to regroup.

Your mission statement is indistinctive.

Let me guess how your mission statement goes:

“We seek to be the industry leader in high-value, competitively priced Product A and/or Service B, with sustainable business practices and a focus on our employees as our most valuable asset.”

Sound familiar? I hope not. Having a specific mission that sets you apart creates cohesion of goals, builds office relationships and is a jumping-off point for what the rest of your brand should exude. What are you passionate about? How do you help others? That is what should be in your mission statement.

Your brand is separate from the company culture.

If you hear things like, “Well, that’s the way they want us to do it now,” your staff isn’t part of your brand. Instead, they’re using it as a crutch. A strong brand that is inclusive of the company culture should have employees proud enough to say, “We want to provide the very best work for you, and that is why I would like to…”

Your company has grown significantly.

Has there been a merger? Are you offering a whole new line of products? Have your offices grown by more than 50 percent? Usually that is an indicator of your company’s target market changing and growing. Use a rebranding to celebrate your new success.

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