As we welcome 2012….

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As we close out of 2011 and move into 2012 at midnight, I’d like to take a few moments out of the holiday chaos to give my many thanks to our friends, family and clients for all their support the past year and to share a few of our goals that we have for 2012.

Since we started BoldThink this fall, our business has grown at a fast pace. We could’t have done it without all the support that we’ve encountered along the way. We’ve met some incredible people and established great relationships with our clients. Thank you to our clients who have become our friends at Earnest and Treff Consulting, Blice Edwards Studio, Full Circle Hardwood Floors, Shiel Sexton, Draco Industries, IndySQUARED and Raining Blue. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I am extremely grateful for your business and hope that 2012 is a prosperous year for everyone.

As 2012 approaches, I took the time to write out some goals for BoldThink. I did this when I started the business this past fall and was totally taken by surprise how each of the goals that I wrote was met within the timeframe I stated. I only hope that trend continues! Here are some goals that I’d like to share with you:

1. Define our niche by March. I think this takes time but I would definitely like to define more of our niche in marketing and branding. Though marketing and brand development is a niche in itself due to our processes that we use, I’d like to drill down even further than that and really take one thing to focus on and make it great for 2012.

2. Use Social Media regularly each day. It’s funny that we focus on social media for our clients but are below par using it for ourselves. We’ve been so busy the past few months that we neglected our own social media strategies. I suppose that is normal when you run a business and clients come first, but I’m changing that this year. Clients will still be first, but we will not be second. We will consider ourselves a client and put just as much time and energy into our own strategies.

3. Go above and beyond for our clients. I think many of our clients will agree to this already, but we do go above and beyond when we can for our them. I think that is what makes the relationship between us and our clients strong. We don’t hide behind a computer, and we try to put in face time with each of our clients at least once per month. We love introducing them to new things that they might not think about and even when time doesn’t always allow, we still put in a bit of extra so they get exactly what they want. Even though our plan is to grow more this year, we will not grow so fast that we still aren’t able to do this for our clients.

4. Start a newsletter. The goals for our clients this coming year include a newsletter for most, and we would like to do this one for BoldThink. We will be starting our newsletter this March and hope you will sign up for it and share in our news, tips and conversations.

Feel free to share your goals and accomplishments. As the day and evening goes on, we hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!