Erika Parsons

Ethos, Pathos & Logos: Why Emotional Marketing is King

Here’s a little secret that is actually well known in the world of branding. The single most effective catalyst to influencing consumers to purchase is most often tied up in one surprisingly simple word: emotion. Humans are emotional creatures. We often feel our way through situations rather than reasoning them out. Savvy branding professionals skillfully […]

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Five Branding Considerations for Nonprofits

Nonprofits exist to make a positive impact, and it’s imperative that their brands do the same. A strong brand is able to hit the emotional heartstrings of donors while building trust and establishing clear initiatives. But how does a nonprofit approach developing their brand as it will be the representative of the organization, its mission, […]

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How to Determine Your Brand Personality

Entrepreneurs. We need them. They start businesses that change our lives and make them easier by inventing time-saving apps, killer products, and innovative service ideas. But sometimes, fearing a loss of momentum, entrepreneurs excitedly rush into the creation of a company name and tagline, and then quickly slap both on a generic website template using […]

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Outrank Your Competitors on Google with These Seven SEO Tips

The Google game of outranking others is a tough one to beat. Just like a good game of chess with a worthy opponent, businesses must think strategically when looking to boost their Google ranking. It all comes down to good search engine optimization (SEO) in the end. Here are a few of our favorite, most […]

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The Importance of a Strong Social Media Campaign

Social media has fast become the most used form of digital marketing. It provides significant benefits that help businesses reach millions of customers worldwide, often at a percentage of the cost of traditional marketing. If you’re not implementing this profitable source, you are literally leaving money on the table. Don’t believe us? Here are five […]

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Four Key Components of a Viral Video

What should your business be spending marketing dollars on in 2019? Hands down, it’s viral videos! A viral video is “any clip of animation or film that is spread rapidly through online sharing.” More than just a cute puppy snoring or a toddler dancing perfectly to “Single Ladies,” businesses are using viral videos to reach […]

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Celebrity Endorsements Are Out. Peer Influencers Are In.

You have a great product to offer your potential clients and customers. You know they’ll fall in love with your product, but you have a dilemma. How do you broadcast your products and services to tons of potential customers? Well, there’s a solution. It involves connecting with social media influencers who can amplify your voice […]

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Navigating the World of Facebook Ad Targeting Post Cambridge Analytica and How You Can Work Around It

It changed the way Americans felt about Facebook. It’s the Cambridge Analytical Scandal, and it’s making a bit of a mess in the digital marketing space. Facebook ads were an advertising dream! The targeting options were immense, and the results were real. You could market directly to your target demographic and convert them within minutes. […]

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Five Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

In today’s tech-obsessed world, businesses no longer rely on a storefront and business cards to attract clients. Today, a business’s website is the hub for generating traffic, raising brand awareness, and converting “maybes” into die-hard brand loyalists. You need to employ a very strategic design to your web presence to make those critical things happen. […]

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Six Fundamentals of Creating a Great Logo

From Apple’s apple to the Target’s iconic well…target, successfully rendered logos can make all the difference for brand building and recognition. If you are a new business or rebranding an existing one, creating a logo is one of the most exciting and vital steps in building your brand image. A brand logo is the first […]

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