Be Social with Your SEO

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Social media is a realm that is often seen as something only users can engage and benefit from. More and more businesses, brands and new industries are entering the social media world. So how does this all relate to SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization? Well, it’s simple. SEO is all about relevance, newness, and growth; which are the same qualities that social media also pulls and builds upon. Below are some tips into how you can increase your SEO ranking through the means of social media.

The Right Platform(s)

As we all know there are many social media platforms out there to choose from. Choosing the right one(s) is not as hard as it may seem. Take a look at your brand. Who is your target audience? Let us say they are young female shoppers. Well, then Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest are probably your best bet in reaching them. Another example could be a logistics company who caters to small business. Their desired platforms could be Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus. It is all about being where your audience is and engaging with them.

Include your Brand

Be proud of your brand, and scream it from the rooftops. Well, not exactly, but never be afraid to include your brand in your posts, tweets, blogposts, etc.! SEO picks up on keywords, like your brand name and can allow search engines and people on social media to easily find your business.

Share the Love

Twitter is a great tool that can help in “sharing the love”. Most businesses are cradled inside a much larger industry filled with many varying companies and professionals. Never be afraid to send out a tweet to your favorite business, competition, or someone you just met or read about. If you’re lucky, they may favorite, tweet, or retweet you, which all helps in raising your SEO. 

Don’t be Hidden

Social media is all about being­­––social. On your webpage, make sure to put all the major social media handles linking to your profile pages. Make it as easy as possible for your viewers to follow you or like your page because in a matter of seconds they can move onto the next page and your forgotten, something no business wants––ever!

Keep it Consistent

This is something a lot of businesses struggle with. Being consistent in social media means many different things. One aspect is to keep your name on your profiles the same or as close as possible. I have seen many businesses have completely different usernames, which makes it hard for outsiders to find them. Another aspect is your voice. Be professional, concise, frequent, and genuine. You never want to make it seem two completely different people are posting on your accounts or that you are a robot. Great tools into keeping things consistent, professional, and organized are Hootsuite and Hubspot.

Overall, these tips among many more, can help increase your following on social media platforms and raise your SEO for own page. So get out there and starting tweeting your audience and favorite people, and never be afraid to join in on the conversation!