Become Dimensional: Start a Blog


We all read them, and we all follow them. Blogging is not just a webpage but also more of a conversational art form. In a way it is a bit like digital real-time scrapbook. They curate and display our ideas, perspectives, and interests and allow others to engage with them. In the past, blogging has been put on a pedestal that only caters to teenage burnouts or artsy college students, but blogging is now becoming a tool in which brands can share their story.  Below are some tips into why your company should be blogging, blog strategies, and ways to refresh your blog if you already have one.

So why should your business be blogging? It’s simple. Blogging generates genuine and interesting content for your potential and current customers. Versus advertising and marketing tactics, blogging provides a different service. Consumers respect and are more willing to engage and purchase from companies that show their humanistic side. This creates an in your favor result that can help propel your business to a different level. You can become multi-dimensional and transparent, at the same time.

Social media is a major factor to thank for the success of business blogs. Viewers have the capability with a simple click to share your content with others. Like a ripple effect, your company reaches a larger audience. The question is: how can we make this happen?

  • When developing your blog keep in mind who you want to reach and what is the story share. Direction is king. Do you want to share your knowledge of your industry? Do you want to talk to your consumers? Or do you want to explain your products? Keeping your directional goal in mind aids in keeping your blog interesting and cohesive, but more importantly genuine.
  • To manage a successful blog, content is queen. Posting a well-written piece filled with interesting imagery and credible information can help increase your blog’s outreach. It will also establish appreciation for your company and keep returning customers.

But what if your company already has a blog? Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you. If your business is already posting and engaging, there are ways to refresh your page and following. One way is to include repeating posts, like “Office Fun Friday” or “Top 20”. When content is continually regenerated within the same topic, consumers are more likely to revisit and engage with the blog. Another way is to seek requests or allow the readers to contribute. Successful brands have used both social media and blogging to allow their consumers to be heard and have their ideas implemented.

Whether you are starting a blog or wanting to add some zing, blogging is flexible and easy way to begin your company’s online conversation. Always seek new tips and strategies, because blogging styles and demands are ever changing. Most important, being proactive is the best way to ensure your blog and company’s success.





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