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As designers, or as we like to consider ourselves, students of the “designful”, we are always searching out inspiration… gleaning every grain of thought-provoking piece of design, marketing or leadership information we can.  Sometimes inspiration comes from blogs, visits to museums, gazing at paintings or tousling the pages of a good book. Especially a good book.

One of the best aspects of being in our profession is taking comfort in the fact that everything can inspire us to create that next great brand identity, tagline or process map.  Movies inspire.  Walks inspire.  Nature inspires.  Journeys inspire.  Books inspire.  Whether it is something really old-school like The Art of War by Sun Zu or passionate like Lichpin by Seth Godin, it makes our creative juices flow.  These books are all read and carefully placed in our artist’s bag of resources.  We refer to them often and feed off them to build the creative framework of a brand.

We’d like to take some time in our blog to introduce books to you that we have found to be incredibly helpful over the years.  Our hope is that  you will find inspiration in these books as we have.  Maybe they will reignite a creative passion you have or be the impetus for you to do something great.  Sometimes the readings will be instructional, offer a moment of escape or just provoke thoughtful dialogue.  You may have already read some of them and if so, we ask you to share your thoughts on whether these books inspired you or not.


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