BoldThink at Go Inbound Marketing Conference 2013 Recap

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It’s amazing how things align themselves sometimes. On June 12th, Theresa and I were in the office talking about potentially going to an Inbound Marketing event sometime soon. Little did I know at the time, that there would be one occurring the next day­––in Indianapolis. Sadly both of us could not attend, but there I was an hour later with a ticket to attend the Go Inbound Marketing Conference at the JW Marriott (

Go Inbound Marketing 2013 Logo


In 2012, Hubspot named Element Three the Inbound Marketing Agency of the year. As a result, they were chosen to host a conference in celebration of their success and the budding industry that is inbound marketing.

Prior to 2011’s Superbowl XLVI, a new and extremely modern hotel began to emerge in the Indianapolis skyline. The JW Marriott represents a new era in Indianapolis, one that combines a new modern vision and an opportunity filled city. As I walked into this gorgeous hotel, I was immediately struck by the amazing and helpful staff, which was also helped by I probably looked like a deer in headlights. Once I arrived to the conference location on the second floor, I was given a nametag, program, and free water bottle.

Go Inbound Marketing 2013 Nametag and Program

Inside the massive conference room was around 200 people. I was immediately struck by the amazing turnout, which got me excited about the insight I was about to receive. Off to the side was a delicious continental breakfast and in front were 6 massive screens displaying the first speaker: Brian Halligan.

Below are the conference’s speakers & topics. (Each will be covered in future posts, stay tuned!)

Brian Halligan (Transforming Marketing) CEO/Co-Founder of Hubspot

@bhalligan |

Transforming Marketing

Tiffany Sauder (Inbound Marketing Lessons for Business Growth) President of Element Three

@tiffanysauder |

Nate Riggs (Mark my Words, Twitter Will Win) Content & Social Media Strategist

@nateriggs |

Mark my Words, Twitter Will Win

Chad Pollitt (Top of the Funnel (TOFU) Director of Marketing at Digitalrelevance

@chadpollitt |

Marcus Sheridan (The Keys to Great Content) Founder of The Sales Lion

@thesaleslion |

James Paden (Enterprise Content Marketing by the Numbers) Vice President of Product Compendium

@jamespaden |

Santiago Jaramillo (Mobile + Inbound) Founder/CEO of BlueBridge & VistaApps

@santiagojara |

Wilbur Davis (The Noble Way) Chairman/Co-Founder of Ontario Systems

Besides all the amazing speakers and their inspiring insights was the back channel to the conference: Twitter. As we all know a major part of inbound marketing is social media. During this event, all attendees were invited to use the hashtag: #goinboundmktg to promote quotes, thoughts, and perspectives being presented at the conference. It was quite amazing. During the 9 or so hours in which I was there, I gained over 30 followers, had some awesome “full-circle” moments from companies outside of the conference, and won a free t-shirt for tweeting thanks to Element Three.

Go Inbound Marketing T-shirt and Bottle

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.01.23 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.01.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.02.51 PM

Go Inbound Marketing Live Tweeting #goinboundmktg

 Everything aside, this conference purely showed the power of bringing together collective of inbound marketers and enthusiasts. I left completely inspired to both build my personal presence on the digital front and to better serve our clients at BoldThink Creative.

Please stay tuned for future posts that go deeper into the topics presented at the conference. However feel free to follow all the speakers on Twitter, visit their sites to learn more about them and how they live and breathe inbound marketing, but more importantly how it has changed their businesses and perspective on life.  I want to thank Element Three, Compendium, Vitamin T, and all the other sponsors of the event for seriously putting together a great and inspiring conference. I hope to now give back all that I’ve learned to both better our client’s experience at BoldThink and my own perspective on the power of inbound marketing and social media.

Go Inbound Marketing’s Awesome Sponsors

Element Three | @ElementThree |

Compendium | @Compendium |

Vitamin T | @Vitamintalent|

Bluebridge | @GoBlueBridge |

Digitalrelevance | @drelevance |

A Perfect Promotion | @aperfectpromo |

12 Stars Media Productions | @12starsmedia|

Harding Poorman Group | @hardingpoorman |

JW Marriott @jwmarriottindy |


To read more about the event: Click Here. 

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