Brand Strategy: Is your company ready for a rebrand?


Deciding to rebrand your business isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. It’s a serious consideration that can have lasting results both good and bad. Rebranding can be as simple as focusing on one component of your brand such as the logo and giving it a facelift. It can also be very complex and involved, including a revision of your mission, redevelopment of your processes and a total realignment of the brand image to support those things. This can result in a new logo, tag line, marketing plan, social media strategy and so on.

Rock solid branding should be designed to last. If your brand still stands for everything your business represents, you probably don’t need to worry about rebranding. Doing so at this point in the game can be a major buzz kill for business and can potentially confuse your loyal customers who have come to know and love your brand.

However, there are definitely times when a rebrand is appropriate and can breathe new life into your business. Even the best of brands have had light makeovers (or major ones) to appeal to their audiences, show innovation and growth, and expand their product or service offerings.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding to rebrand your business:

  • Are you trying to target a new market or demographic?
  • Have you recently added or changed your services or product offerings?
  • Is your brand pigeonholed into a product or service offering?
  • Do people often confuse your services and products because of your logo?
  • Is your brand disconnected from everything else because of recent updates and it now feels outdated?
  • Are you losing market share to your competition?
  • Has sales declined and your business needs a marketing boost?

Your brand is your first impression and it needs to align seamlessly with your company goals, mission and future. It also needs to represent your business and what it stands for.  All of these pieces combine to make your brand so it evokes feeling and emotion… the driver that makes people do business with you.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time to talk with someone about the possibility of giving your brand a makeover.


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