The Biggest and Littlest Marketing Tool: The Business Card

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It’s tiny and compact. It’s thin and fragile. Still, it is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to network and market your business. Making a business card is one of the fundamental steps into building a brand. Budget constraints and creative quitters often do not take this little piece of paper seriously. It is worth the time and worth the money because it is your portable brand.

First, let’s back it up and examine what goes into a business card and why. In developing a card, it is all about the elements, message, and visual appeal. Elements include the content of the card.  Good cards have the essentials like: name, phone number, email, address, and website.  On the other hand, great cards include some kind of extra something. This can be a fun fact, a QR code, and a list of what you do, and/or something that relates to the audience. This ties into the next part–– the message. A key thing to include is some kind of story, message, or memory that the viewer can retain from the card. This makes them remember the card and more importantly remember your business.

The visual appeal of a card is the most important element. Humans are naturally visual, so it is vital to have a card that catches their eye. Some major things to consider when making the card’s graphics are color, type, format, and cohesion.  Format is a newer area that businesses are focusing on.  No one said that a business card had to be the standard size–– try out different sizes and shapes, various materials, and ways you place your information. Creativity and uniqueness often is a winning combo for business cards.  In short, think outside of the rectangle.

It is funny to think that such a small piece of paper can have big impact on your company. The focus should be on creativity and functionality.  It is key to have great elements, an inspiring message, and eye-catching graphics, but also something unconventional. Grab your viewers’ attention and leave them with something to remember you by. If your card can do all of these things, then you will have a successful business card, and a memorable company.