How employee & stakeholder insights inspired a new brand & mission

Task Summary:

Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a major problem in the United States. As a result, many Americans rely on their community’s free or discounted programs and providers. However, they lack funding which creates a gap between what a community needs and what they can provide. We partnered with a non-profit healthcare provider to advise their brand on how to increase awareness and accessibility for the rural communities they serve. Through ideation workshops, employee and partner research, and a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities, we transformed a nearly invisible entity into a trusted community resource for low-income families, the elderly, and at-risk adults.

Before working with Boldthink, our client did not have a website or communications materials not provided by municipalities. Their employees often experienced confusion which led to burnout and high turnover due to a lack of communication materials and the inability to point patients towards a website. In addition, our client faced challenges in applying and receiving government funding for their programs. Residents were often unaware of their existence or confused the company with another industry because of the client’s non-descriptive, location-based name that was no longer applicable.


• Deepen knowledge of the employees and community program agency experience

• Uncover and amplify the brand’s USP (unique selling proposition) and define a brand rallying cry to guide future company decisions

• Rebrand visually, verbally, and virtually from the ground up, including a company name change

• Establish the new brand online and create accessible and patient-friendly resources to support both agencies and employees


• Discovery session with employees and executive leadership

• Brand research deep dive including market, competitive, communications, and keyword research to identify potential barriers, opportunities and draw inspiration from other industry-leading brands

• Employee and agency phone interviews to learn about their experiences, goals, and frustrations to create audience personas for the brand

• Creative rebrand, which included a name change, URL and trademark research, visual overhaul, communications development, messaging, and web design


• Market research

• Competitive audit

• Communications audit

• Audience research design and insights analysis

• Brand audit & analysis

• Brand strategy

• Brand development and website design


1) A new brand name that captured their new brand mission, the employee and patient experience, and is distinctive and appropriate for the healthcare industry

2) Increased employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement

3) Higher satisfaction with patients and agency partnerships through improved company communications and increased access to resources and online services

4) Enhanced ability to apply and win government grants and funding due to improved brand clarity, accessibility, and visibility

5) Expansion in community outreach programs to new counties and towns

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