How a secret shopper study sparked a new sales strategy

Task Summary:

Having a broken chain link can be disastrous, especially for a logistics company. They must ensure their clients’ shipments deliver on time, starting with a great sales and service experience.

Our logistics client felt their sales and service agents may be providing inconsistent experiences that were potentially causing disruptions in their sales pipeline. In collaboration, we devised a secret shopper study to test sales and service scenarios that would identify issues, strengths, response times, and communication inconsistencies.


• Record and analyze the sales and service experiences to uncover gaps, response times, and inconsistencies

• Identify and recognize exemplary employees to use as role models for service and sales strategies

• Share raw data from the secret shopper study to C-Suite executives to increase visibility in the customer experience

• Develop communications and creative recommendations to help influence client’s process optimization efforts


• Design two realistic mystery shopping scenarios to use at different customer touchpoints

• Test both sales and customer service experiences using different channels (email, phone, web) and times of day (business hours, overnight, weekends)

• Communications audit of website forms to identify errors and poor user experience

• Phone and email transcripts provided to the client at the end of the study

• Complete secret shopper study containing all data and recommendations shared with C-Suite


• Audience research

• Customer service process audit

• Customer journey mapping

• Online sales form audit

• Communications and service recommendations


1) A deeper understanding of the entire client experience from intake to sales to execution

2) New online forms with streamlined questions and UX best practices that help to improve response speed, sales, and client retention

3) Sales and service strategies now include a more client-centric approach as a result of the secret shopper study

4) Happier and engaged employees thanks to improvements in employee onboarding, training, and recognition programs

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