How to Use Vision Boards to Clarify Goals and Propel Yourself Forward

If you’ve never put together a vision board to help you clarify and visualize your goals, then you’re missing out! When you create a vision board and put it in a spot that you see every day, you end up doing visualization exercises throughout the day that serves as a reminder of why you do […]

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How to Stay Organized & Efficient at Work

Whether heading into an office every day or working from home, everyone faces different challenges when it comes to organization. Be it you can’t find a way to stay focused, feel like you’re constantly running out of time or you just feel like you’re not making any progress on your never-ending list of things to […]

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How to Use Goals & Strategy to Strengthen Company Culture

A few of us attended a panel discussion with some thought leaders from our sales and management training company Lushin & Associates. It was a very candid discussion on recommendations and advice on four key areas: people, process, strategy, and skills, the foundational components of a healthy organization. The panel consisted of a diverse group, […]

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Leveraging Promotional Products to Shape Culture & Build Brands

If your organization’s culture is not a significant factor in achieving your business goals, you have a problem.  Business culture is a reflection on what is occurring on the inside of the company, which all too commonly, is not in alignment with how the company wishes to be perceived by consumers.  Building a strong brand […]

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Disruption and Why All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Technology and innovation have completely changed the game when it comes to marketing. Print ads have been overtaken by Facebook ads, and analytics and big data now allow us to market directly to a person based on their browser history and buying patterns. But consumers are on to that game and are taking the bait […]

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Happy Anniversary, BoldThink!

Happy Anniversary, BoldThink!    Can you believe it; it’s been seven years! It’s been an inspiring time of working collaboratively with our clients as we discover and develop their brands and stories. We’ve been shaking things up in Indy while creating a ground-up process focusing on building bold brands and staying true to our Core Values.   We are […]

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Whatcha Reading? Top Recommended Business Books of 2017

Summer is here and thus starts the official season for summer vacations for those of us who’ve waited all year to unplug and step away from the office with family and friends. I don’t know about you, but for me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is opening up a book for the first time and […]

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Millennial Marketing: What You Need to Know

A millennial is anyone born between 1977 and 2000. They make up a quarter of the population of the United States and command over 20% of consumer discretionary purchases, which means over $1 trillion in buying power. These numbers alone show why millennial marketing is such a big deal, and why you need to understand […]

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The Sibling Rivalry between Sales and Marketing

Working at a marketing agency in both creative and sales at the same time has made me realize a thing or two.   Sales teams don’t like marketing teams, in fact, most of the time they operate on the other side of a pendulum swing in the professional world.   It can be a constant […]

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What It Means To Be A Marketing Agency In Indianapolis

Every client offers another way for us as a marketing agency to help make Indianapolis fulfill its potential to be the best city in the country. Our clients come from many different industries. But they all have similar qualities in common, not only are they passionate about their businesses and organizations, but they are passionate […]

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