Content Marketing: What’s your Story?

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It’s true. People don’t talk about boring stuff, and they most certainly won’t talk about your boring company if you don’t give them something to talk about. Every company, every business, and every product and service has a story. So what’s yours?

This story is one of the many major content marketing strategies. Using your business’s stories and industry expertise in a unique and genuine way can compel your readers and potential customer to share your content and most importantly: remember your name. 

Why does your business need a story? Because a story sells… products and services do not. It’s your market advantage and the one real thing that will distinguish you from your competition. A story reveals the essence of your company, what you stand for and how you are different. More so, a story creates a connection with people. It gives them something to resonate with that allows them to emotionally and logically connect with you.

John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine, writes “Have you ever had an experience in which you heard a compelling story about a business, and without knowing much more you felt unexplainably compelled to support or do business with them?”

It’s the beauty of marketing with a story. It’s what makes content marketing happen.

Ready to craft your own story? First and foremost, remember that the best stories are compelling, captivating and easy to share. As always, be sure that you are keeping your buyer in mind as you write. Grab a notebook, a cup of coffee or tea and follow these simple tips. Get ready to become a storyteller!

(Write down the answers to these questions in your notebook)

  1. Ask yourself: why does your company exist? How do your products and services allow you to convey who you are? What keeps you awake at night? What inspires you? Why does your company make the world a better place?
  2. What’s one challenge that you’ve had to face as a company? How did you overcome it? How have you become better because of it?
  3. What problems does your company solve? How do you help your customers/clients sleep at night? What are the pain-points that most of your customers/clients face before they begin using your products or services?
  4. Why do you love doing what you do? Why does even the most unglamorous of tasks keep you moving forward?
  5. How did you help a client reach a high level of success?
  6. What are your goals for the future of your company?

Now take your answers to the questions and write a short paper on your company to begin forming your story. Keep it to a page minimum. Be sure to pass it around to those people closest to you and get their feedback. Keep refining your story until you have your “ah ha!” moment.  (Trust me, it will get there! Sometimes it just takes asking the right questions.) If you can, try to parse it down to about a half page so it’s not too wordy and the most important elements are there.

Your story, when crafted well, will be the foundation to your company and it’s mission, vision and the reason for existence. You’ll be able to take this story and use it to market your business. Be sure to use it on your website, your company literature and during sales presentations!

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good story?

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