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Naturally in the world, there seems to be three different perspectives when it comes to creativity. The first lives and breathes a carefree, artistic, and creative outlook. On the opposite end lies those who believe there is not a single imaginative bone within their bodies. However right in the middle lies the largest and most eager group of individuals whom desire to turn on and turn up their creative spirit. Frankly, this group represents most of people today. Imagination and creativity are both parts genetic and repetition. Its roots bury deep in the right side of the brain. In order to use it to its highest potential, it must be used frequently and productively. Almost anyone can truly grab and dance with their creative spirit. All it takes is giving it a try.

There are many techniques, routines, and exercises that can enable one to awaken their imaginative side. Most of people’s creativity lies within the right side of the brain. This hemisphere holds the ability for special reasoning, music understanding, artistic ability, memorization and recalling of details, humor and storytelling. This side is often left out during early schooling, thus it is often unused and undeveloped, but just like learning, engaging your right brain and imagination requires repetition and commitment. One initial practice to begin would be to establish a time or routine in which is dedicated to a creative activity. Defining what a “creative activity” could be is quite expansive.  Below is a list of many activities and techniques of how to inject and engage your clever side.

  • Take photos of anything or everything
  • Push yourself to think of new and different ideas, don’t settle on the first one
  • Find online inspiration like blogs and/or articles. Pinterest and Stumbleupon are great places to start.
  • Read a fiction book or go visit your local bookstore.
  • Start a journal. Put by your bedside so it is hard to forget.
  • Think of something from another person’s perspectives. This can come in handy, especially in the workplace.
  • Write a story or a poem of your own.  You could also try a hand at speaking at a poetry reading; they often have amateur or free speaking nights.
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Write down or record your dreams. There are often creative ideas that come about as we sleep.
  • Play a game, like Pictionary or Cranium.
  • Doodle whenever you can.
  • Go to a thrift store and look around. There is always something crazy and/or inspiring on the shelves.
  • Make a craft or cook your favorite/new recipe.
  • Listen to something motivational during your morning commute.

One’s creative side is something to be appreciated and used often. It allows us to reach out from the structure of our lives and be carefree. Humans are naturally visual and spatial beings, but often enough those two things are left out of the success and career pathways. Being imaginative, innovative, and inspired are all great qualities and ingredients to add to your life and can make for a better and fulfilled future.

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