Find Your Following: How to Attain your Target Audience

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Who you are as a business or company is dependent on one major factor: your audience.
It’s who buys your goods, follows you on Twitter, and most importantly, loves your
company. Your audience alone can keep your business alive and thriving or cause its
ultimate demise. Often overlooked and pushed to the backburner, a consumer is often
kept out of the loop and their needs unmet. Why not engage with them, know who they
are and what they want? Those needs and desires can be something you can fulfill. What
can knowing and targeting your audience do for you? Let’s find out.

Being aware of your customers can do many great things for a business. It can break
down the barriers of business to consumer. With the rise of social media marketing,
consumers are now being allowed to be a part of the process, thus resulting in the feeling
of importance and companionship. Companies and corporations are no longer lifeless big
money machines, but rather personable neighbors. It can also build new light into your
business. Reputations are often built by word of mouth. If a customer feels like they
know who your business is, and its good, then often enough they will spill the beans to
their friends. As a result, your business grows. Finally, it can allow you to respond to
their needs. Each and every person is different and every person has specific needs and
desires. Knowing what those are can help you adjust your company to match them.

I know what you’re thinking––how do I find and engage with my audience?

Here are some proven tactics on how to target your audience:

1. Who do you want to target? Write it down. Developing a target will allow you to
aim your company’s goals to meet their needs.
2. Research who they are. Build personas while being specific enough to know the
ends and outs of their lives.
3. Use the tools available. Send our surveys asking questions about their needs.
Read newsletters and forums geared to your audience. Research where they hang
out and what they do for fun––visit those places.

Having a goal to meet your customer’s needs requires knowing who they are and what
they desire. Doing the small steps above is a beginning step to developing a focused
following. Expand your mind and open your doors to your customers. They give you
their attention and money everyday; so it’s only fair to give something back in return.

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