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We started working with the team at Full Circle Hardwood Floors last fall on their rebranding. I met Adam and Kory last spring at the Home and Garden Show at the fairgrounds when Joel and I were looking to install floors in our downtown condo. There were tons of booths with salesmen that tried to draw you in with free swag. But there was one booth that people seemed to be grouping together for their chance to talk to the owners– and they weren’t giving away free swag. It was Full Circle’s booth.  There was something about their down to earth manner and their calming presence as we talked to both Adam and Kory about our floor endeavor. There was no up selling— only education and information about what floors would do best in our place given that we had two little kids and two very large dogs.  As soon as we walked away, I immediately told Joel that we would be using them, regardless of where their price fell when they came for the quote.

Why? It had to do with their knowledge and experience when talking to them. They really knew what they were doing. They knew floors and if you wanted hardwood floors either installed, restored or refinished— they were the guys to go to.  When he and his team came and installed our hardwood floors in our condo, the job was done fast and efficiently. Originally they were just doing the living and dining room areas but because we loved the work they did, we called them back a week later to do our bedrooms. Adam was happy to squeeze us in to their already booked schedule! It was a great experience.

As we got to know each other a little more over the next couple of weeks (they genuinely care and enjoy learning about their clients), we learned that they were in the market for a website, some marketing materials and a new logo.  We talked to them and after a few months of passing emails and phone calls, we signed a contract for them and went to work.

Today, we are happy to unveil the first part of the work that we did in collaboration with another designer, Jessie Sahm. Though they had a hard time deciding on what logo to settle on, the final selection proved to be the winner. Earth tone colors, a circle shape that hints to the fact that it could be a circular sander, with natural browns swirling through the middle. Maybe it hints at the fact that they do full circles for their clients time and time again because of their commitment to quality and satisfaction. We will leave some of the interpretation up to you!

Here is the new logo:

Full Circle Hardwood Floors logo


Here is the before logo:

Full Circle Logo- before


It just goes to show you that you never know who will become a client and that every connection you make matters. Of course, it makes it a lot easier to work with Adam and Kory knowing that they are just two guys who love what they do and are all around good guys that we would love to get a beer with.

Additional concepts (click on image to view larger):

Additional logos

Previous concepts (click on image to view larger):

previous concepts