Happy Anniversary, BoldThink!

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Happy Anniversary, Boldthink! 

Can you believe it; it’s been seven years! It’s been an inspiring time of working collaboratively with our clients as we discover and develop their brands and stories. We’ve been shaking things up in Indy while creating a ground-up process focusing on building bold brands and staying true to our Core Values.

We are so grateful for all of our clients, partners, and team members, and can’t wait to roll-out some of the new things we are doing here at BoldThink!

Brands on Fire

So many exciting things are happening at BoldThink! We have just launched our Brands on Fire workshops. Founder Theresa Goodwin says, “It’s a great place for businesses to teach themselves the fundamental skills of branding and marketing.” These workshops focus on “igniting” your brand with comprehensives on customizable and collaborative branding and marketing and strategic planning workshops which will be held in Indianapolis. We are breaking it down into bite-sized pieces so you can quickly get your brand going. Along with subject-matter experts and a supportive online community, it’s going to empower and grow so many Indiana businesses. We can’t wait to see what ideas spring to life after these first workshops!


Our sister company, BoldGear, is doing a major business expansion this November by offering screen printing services in-house! We love what BoldGear brings to our clients. It’s more than just buying promotional items; it’s really drilling down for strategy and understanding your brand which goes back to our core beliefs.

Charitable Giving

We have been extraordinarily grateful to have so many fans in the non-profit sector. It seems in the last few years; we’ve experienced significant growth. We offer reduced rates on our services to select non-profits as a way to thank this immensely supportive community who has been so good to us. We want to remind our non-profit friends that they can apply for our non-profit program that offers pro-bono design services to organizations in need. Please contact us if you are interested in applying.

Now a Message from our Founder

When asked what her secret to success was, Theresa Goodwin’s answers were powerful in their simplicity. She said, “Get out there and work on yourself. Network often. Pick up the phone. Believe in what you’re offering people. And don’t be afraid to say no (nicely, of course).”

Thank you for being a BoldThink! supporter! We look forward to collaborating with you for many years to come!