How to Build a Brand for Small Business

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Brand for small business is just as important as it is for larger corporations. In fact, a strategic brand plan can help your business grow exponentially. While many small business owners understand the importance of a strong brand, many of them don’t know why.

Your brand serves as your business’ identity because it embodies what your business looks and sounds like and its core beliefs and values. A strategically defined brand can engage consumers emotively by creating connections based on these core values. Building relationships based on emotion retains customers better and can act as an insurance policy for your pricing during times that competitors rely upon discounts to drive sales.

So here are some steps to build a stronger brand for your small business. For the most effective branding, utilize each technique mentioned, but brand plans will look and feel differently depending upon the function and needs of your business.

Think of your brand as a person.

In a lot of ways, brands do behave like individuals in the modern marketing landscape: They suggest videos to their “friends” on social media. They have a unique sense of style. They have a sense of humor.

Choosing to treat your brand like a person who makes decisions based on their values and world outlook creates a greater likelihood for others to connect with the brand. Using one persona as your brand will also make it easier to keep your visuals and messaging consistent and cohesive.

Consider what is driving your brand.

What are your core values? Who are your brand heroes? A brand should have motivations like any person does. For more information on how to start building motives with your brand, view Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: Start With Why. By considering what drives your brand, you can establish an emotive brand positioning that will resonate with your target market.

Do something bold and daring.

Big brands are encumbered by bureaucracy and traditions that don’t allow them to be spontaneous and reactive to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. As a small business, you can take full advantage of your flexibility and do something big and memorable with your brand.

Avoid using your brand like a stamp.

The way brands interact with their publics is changing. Don’t insult your consumers’ intelligence by giving everything away up front. Instead, generate intrigue in your brand by showcasing some pieces and leaving others for investigation. Not only will this lead people back to your website, it will also foster brand ambassadors by allowing them to share what they have discovered themselves.

Building a solidified brand for your small business can be a large undertaking because you’re starting from scratch. But choosing to invest in an image that can grow with your company will help keep your values and beliefs at the core of your outreach, which will attract loyal clients and ensure fitting personnel additions. For more information on how to grow your brand custom to your small business, please contact one of our brand specialists.

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