How to Increase Brand Visibility on Facebook without Paying

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A lot of businesses have spent the last few years becoming more frustrated because Facebook is no longer a flat social medium where you can expect all of your content to reach your followers. Since this trend in social media doesn’t seem to be going away, it is important to know how to effectively reach your followers on Facebook. Here are some tips and tricks to engage your followers and increase brand visibility on Facebook without promoting posts.

Don’t post too often.

There is no magical number to how many posts should be going out, but there is rarely a reason to post to Facebook more than once a day. So long as you are posting two or three times each week, Facebook won’t lower your page rank. Instead of focusing on how often you should post choose to focus on the quality of your messages. Drab content on a regular posting schedule will be engaged with considerably less than one stand out post.

Post engaging content.

Facebook users love captioning contests, fill-in-the-blank statuses and competitions of any kind. Engage and motivate your followers with inspirational quotes and pictures that tie into your business. Most of all make sure you’re posting a variety of Facebook post types. See the graph below for more insight into which posts receive the most engagement.


Post at relevant times.

There is a lot of conflicting data available to which times are most effective for reaching more viewers on social media. To get the most accurate sense of when your audience is online, look at data segmented by age group, income level and other demographics information that define your target market.

Ask your community to their setting to get notifications.

Ask and ye shall receive. A lot of Facebook users don’t know how to change their settings to get more information about their favorite pages, so inform them. If you hover over the “Liked” button on a page you’re a fan of, there is an option to get notifications from that page. Although this isn’t going to be enticing for all of your followers, this action can increase your brand visibility significantly for those who do.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.53.28 AM

Ask your viewers to share your page and posts.

In a similar vein, asking your viewers to like and share your posts increases engagement significantly on social media posts. Although it is a little old-hat in terms of strategy, big brands like Taco Bell and Macy’s still routinely ask their followers to “share if ____” or “like if you agree.”

Stay humorous.

People like engaging with brands that show some real personality. So pick a funny, sarcastic or whimsical voice to post in. Not only will visitors to your page begin to extend their experience with your brand to a friendship, but also they are considerably more likely to share your posts if it yields an emotional reaction.

Keep it short.

This is a pretty simple concept. Posts with 100-200 characters yield an average of 60% more interaction than longer posts. People just don’t want to read much as they scroll through their feeds.

Target your posts.

Facebook allows you to further segment your audience when you click the “Add Targeting” link underneath each post. Choosing messages that resonate with a particular portion of your audience is more likely to peak their interest, and the Facebook targeting tools will allow you to section off just that piece of your followers so you don’t bore (or worse) annoy the rest of your followers.


What do you do to see more interaction on Facebook? How do you increase post visibility? Let us know in the comments down below!

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