Lessons from Halloween

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It’s that time of year again when the streets are filled with ghosts, goblins, the super hero squad and Amy Winehouse. Kids and adults alike are seen prancing down the streets in quaint neighborhoods going from door to door asking for yummy treats.

For many of us, it’s a chance to step out of our usual routine and become our alter ego for the day. My son, for example, is dressing up as Hulk.  My youngest son, who didn’t really have a say in the matter this year since he will only be two, is going to be dressed as a garden gnome. Both costumes represent who my boys are in some way. The Hulk is big, green, strong but only comes out if you make him veeery angry. The garden gnome looks small and sweet but causes trouble when you least expect it.

As I was pondering on what I could blog about, it came to me that there are many takeaways that we use every year during Halloween that we can apply to business. Here are some examples on how you can use Halloween to help inspire a new marketing plan for your business:

Wear your best sales mask. It doesn’t come easy for everyone to get out there and sell themselves to new customers, but if you don your best sales mask, be bold and get out there and sell, you could very well land a new client you didn’t think you had the nerve to talk to.

Trick or Treat! In the same way that you trick or treat on Halloween, you can trick or treat in business. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from current or past clients or jump through a few hoops for new business. It might take you a few tricks to land that new client, but you will eventually get that treat if you work hard enough.

Give a little free candy. If you need to prove your value because you are newly established, you might need to give a few little treats that show some of the work you do. I’m not saying you should give away everything, but a few things here and there will help educate your potential clients on the work you do.

Wear your branded cape. In the same way Superman never leaves without his cape, you should never be without something that represents your business. You are your best brand advocate and need to show it in some form. When you run errands, throw on a branded hat or t-shirt or consider decaling your car with your logo. It could even be as simple as handing out business cards to everyone you meet. You never know whose hands your card can wind up in or who will Google your business name after they see it on your car.

You started your business to make some money, make a difference and hopefully have a little fun.  You have the opportunity to think creatively and try out a few different things to find the ones that work best for you.  Again, try on a few “masks” to follow up on the Halloween theme but most important enjoy what you do.  The most successful brands are built by those that have a passion for their company and are willing to push the creative limits.


We hope that everyone has a very safe and fun Halloween!