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Be where your customers are every day.

Marketing isn’t sales, nor is it advertising. Marketing is about building and nurturing relationships with your customers and prospects. It’s the process of identifying customer needs and determining how best to meet those needs.

It’s also about building the “like”, “know”, and “trust” factors.

Digital Marketing

The Boldthink Inbound Process brings customers to your online hub based upon proven inbound marketing methods. The ability to hypothesize, experiment, and analyze continually improves the customer experience. This formula for lead generation will help your business successfully turn casual website visitors into brand advocates and return customers:

Inbound Marketing Process

1. Goal Setting

What do you need to succeed?
How do we measure success?

2. Resource Audit

What tools and content do we have?
What do we need?

3. Audience Analysis

Who should we try to reach?
What do they need?

4. Campaign Creation

How do we reach our audience?
Where are they looking for us?

5. Campaign Launch

How are our tactics performing?
Who are we reaching?

6. Strategy Refinement

What can we improve upon?
What opportunities have we uncovered?

Why You Should Work With Us

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Standard Marketing Services

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    Monthly Blog Posts
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    Blog Promotion
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    Keyword Research
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    On-page SEO
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    Social Media Updates
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    Email Marketing
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    Competitor Tracking
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    Quarterly Lead Gen Campaign

A Team of Experts for Less

You’ll gain access to a network of marketing strategists, web developers, copywriters, email campaign managers, graphic designers, SEO analysts, and more for less than the price of a new hire. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager and online project management platform to streamline communications and see updates in real-time.

A Customer Relationship Founded in Expertise and Trust

Start bringing in customers who are more prepared to make purchasing decisions by providing valuable information at each step of their process of research. Make lasting connections by being knowledgeable and helpful before a customer even speaks with your team.

A Hands-Free Lead Building System

With the use of keyword analysis and customer profiling, we gain an understanding of the clientele searching for your solutions and what makes them tick. Then you’ll receive targeted content to bring in more opportunities, build more leads, and convert more customers even when you’re off the clock.

A Strategy Defined by Data Analysis

Analytics are the new ROI. They can inform you on what works, what doesn’t and how to bring more visitors to your site. How can you convert more visitors into customers? It’s all hidden inside the big data, and we can break it down into easy next steps for you.

Your future customers are on a journey,
but they need you to meet them where they are.