Measure What Matters: A Guide to Google Analytics

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Which Metrics Should I Choose?

If you take the time to measure something, you and your associates will naturally work to improve it. So choosing which metrics to measure and promote for your business means choosing which aspects of your business you most want to grow. But choosing metrics that will help set your business apart can sometimes be difficult. Use us as your guide to Google Analytics, and keep reading to learn more.

No matter your business model, goals, products or philosophies, choosing to actively evaluate your business performance will create opportunities for growth and specialization. Below, we have listed a few analytics and other measurements that provide immediate value to any business:

  • Number of conversions (sales, contacts, other actions taken by visitors)
  • Conversion rate of contact form or sales
  • Click through rate of calls to action
  • % referral traffic from social media
  • What modes of technology people use to visit your site
  • Where are people entering your site?
  • How are visitors interacting with landing pages?
  • Amount of traffic from unique search terms
  • Which marketing channel drives the most sales


How Do I Match My Measurements with Business Goals?

Below we have given some generalized website examples and which analytics may help them grow in 2015. Though these are general examples, they give a sense of how to tailor your analytics according to the goals you set for your business.


On a restaurant website, you want to inspire visitors to take action and leave their homes for your restaurant. Sometimes you may want to create online sales as well. For this, we suggest you measure top SEO keywords, excluding your brand name, and build your website for those keywords. Keeping track of your top word of mouth referrers on social media and most effective landing pages can help you achieve greater success in 2015.

  • SEO Keywords
  • Word-of-Mouth Referrers (WOM)
  • Landing Pages


Business Services

Office atmospheres expand business through generating leads for their sales team. To warm up leads and entice more visitors to your website, measure top of funnel conversions for your landing pages and which traffic sources lead to conversions. Knowing these will help direct the attention paid on your website for 2015 and help your sales team pitch more effectively.

  • Top of Funnel Conversion
  • Traffic Sources


Ecommerce Site

An online shop needs to sell products to grow in 2015. So, it may not be a surprise that our first suggestion is to measure page reports for your products and better tailor your lines in 2015. However, we also believe that measuring the traffic sources that lead to conversions and effectively utilizing your SEO keyword performance can put your boutique on the map.

  • Landing Page Reports
  • SEO Keywords
  • Traffic Sources


Community or Membership Site

Community and membership sites want to create an experience for people to be engaged. So, we suggest the most important measurement is engagement conversions like an RSVP to events. Since you also want to know how they got there, we suggest measuring your most popular pages, top landing pages and traffic sources that lead to conversions. Since building a community is about building comraderie instead of sales, ranking metrics measurements by quality is more important than quantity.

  • Engagement Conversion (RSVP to Event)
  • Traffic Sources
  • Top Landing Pages


Matching how to measure success with your goals for 2015 is key to fostering business growth. For more information on how to expand your efforts online and add value to your business, read our blog about setting realistic marketing goals or contact us with all your questions.