Online Marketing Trends for 2015

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As 2015 swings into high gear, it is likely you are looking for effective online marketing strategies that will propel your sales team for another year. Here are online marketing trends we expect will expand business opportunities in 2015.

Building Upon Content Marketing

Many businesses will abandon traditional digital marketing tactics to develop inspirational, relevant content for their target market.

According to HubSpot’s 2014 State of Inbound Report, B2B companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than organizations without blogs. But why is this the case? Blogs help generate quality leads by creating content and offers in accordance with where they are on the sales funnel. In addition, blogs build quality SEO, position businesses as experts in their field, refresh website content and create opportunities for two-way communication.

Long-form content is growing rapidly for B2B companies as well. Google’s new algorithm classifies 200 words as thin content that isn’t quality information for a consumer. This number is only likely to grow as information becomes more dense on the Internet. Creating quality content is a must as Google uses two special search algorithms, Panda 4.0 and Payday 2.0 to reduce the ranks of low-quality content every day.

Expanded Efforts for Marketing Analytics

HubSpot expects spending to reach analytics goals will increase by 60% in 2015. With insights from these analytics reports, spending for marketing automation technologies will grow by 50%. These strategies increase the effectiveness of online marketing efforts while decreasing costs by streamlining the sales process. By taking advantage of the big data that comes in with marketing automation, you can more effectively sell to each lead and increase the effectiveness of future outreach endeavors.

Increased Video Storytelling

B2B entities on YouTube increased by 38% in 2014. Why? These videos create opportunities in user experience tactics by creating a face for your business. In order for videos to translate into lead generation, you must also create a content strategy to build information that Google’s search algorithm can harness.

YouTube continues to be a medium to help businesses stand out from the crowd. Your audio-visual persona nurtures consumers with a personal connection that sparks emotions. A rise of content marketing has naturally increased the level of marketing noise online, but a one-on-one experience with an interactive video format decreases surrounding noise to build a captive audience.

Hypersegmentation and Targeting

Targeting strategies are expected to rise in 2015. Social acceptance is on the rise at 53% for data harvesting through Facebook, Twitter and other data repository sites to more effectively sell to their needs.

Targeted ads are considered twice as effective at cost-per-response levels as opposed to non-targeted ones. YouTube ads have uncovered that an effectively targeted ad campaign can inspire 1000% more people to search for the product at a later date.

Boosted Mobile Presence

The importance of mobile accessibility continues to grow in 2015 in every aspect of business. People use their mobile devices all day and in a wide variety of situations, which allows marketers to target them for a longer stretch of time in accordance with the various phases of the day.

In order to remain effective, online marketing strategies should react in accordance with the preferences and behaviors of their targeted audiences by following consumers in their daily use of the web.

Though 2015 is likely to bring dynamic innovations to the marketing industry, we believe these trends will continue to drive results by fostering individual interest and creating unique selling opportunities for B2B and B2C businesses.

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