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The most dangerous comment on the internet is “Repost!” with a link provided. Business to business and business to consumer companies alike are creating a blog and social media to bring in new opportunities. But who cares? So one person has seen our video before. So what?

Old content is old news.

We are all citizens of the internet. Every day, your friends, family and businesses you support tweet, post and email interesting articles with worthwhile comments attached. When you research anything you want or need, one Google search returns 10 hits of content on reviews, expertise and commercial sites for purchasing. (Don’t pretend you go past that first page.)

We take in so much content every moment we are on the web. So your reblog, retweet and recycled Facebook posts are something we’ve already seen and read and commented on. There’s no reason to pay any special attention to it.

You look like an amateur.

Yes, a fascinating study was conducted at General University, but do you have anything new to the conversation the internet is already having? If not, repeating content for the sake of interest does not make your experts appear insightful. It makes them unnecessary.

Although jumping on the bandwagon may bring you more viewers in the short term, the quality of those visitors will decrease as they realize they have already seen what you have to offer, effectively blacklisting your site.

It makes you invisible.

Curating content that has already been seen means encouraging visitors to skim past it. Fewer views on your posts will de-rank you from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn because their algorithms view your content as being unvaluable and unhelpful to everyone who sees it, and they don’t want to promote content that doesn’t increase their platform’s value.

So What?

So you need to begin curating real, insightful and helpful content for your brand:

  • Define your company’s voice. Will it be funny? Sarcastic? Informative? Casual? What does that sound like?
  • Make a list of topics your business cares about. These can be industry-specific or may be the personality that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Take advantage of a full inbound marketing strategy for insight on SEO, your competitors’ tactics, a cohesive voice built around your brand and so much more.
  • Create a blog and write on current events and trends for your industry by adding a new perspective to it.
  • Use social media to talk about things going on inside your company, in your community and in your industry with your target market in mind.
  • Write a newsletter each month with updates.
  • Brainstorm with your team about where you talk to the public and where you would like to. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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