Overwhelmed by Social Media? Make a plan.

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If you are like most business owners, you are joining the ranks of social media users because you want to connect. You want to connect and make a connection with people or businesses that you can help and offer value to.  And why not? If you are a seasoned professional, you’ve most definitely got the value to add to conversations.  So you hop online and set up Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and are ready to start connecting with like-minded individuals who value what you have to say. But you sit and stare at the cursor, unsure what to write.

Sound familiar? You aren’t alone.  For some, the thought of using social media to connect with people sounds so simple, but when it comes to implementing, it’s so much harder to sort out what you can offer.  Some of these people start off strong, posting frequently and tweeting often, but after a couple weeks… the status updates and tweets dwindle down to nothing. Or some people do the opposite: tweeting and updating so much that they are forgetting about who they want to connect with and the value they are suppose to be offering. Both of the latter are bad moves for business.

So where do you start? Start by being consistent, relevant and powerful. Being consistent doesn’t mean coming off as spammy by tweeting and updating statuses too much.  A few times a day, consistently, is just the right amount of updating. Be relevant by sharing the wealth of knowledge that you have. Join in some conversations and offer your opinion, also, you’ve got very little time to make a statement before it gets lost in the queue of other updates, so you need to have a powerful headline or phrase to capture attention.

Here are some other considerations for planning out your social media strategy:

  1. Consistency: like we said before, be consistent in social media. Consider using some social media platforms like Hootsuite to schedule out your updates. Be sure that you have an update for the morning, afternoon, and the end of the day. Set it up for the whole week if you need to so you don’t forget.
  2. Keep it relevant: Remember the value that you want to add to conversations. What do you want people to know? What do you feel comfortable sharing? It’s a fine line between using social media for business and for personal updates so be sure you aren’t crossing any boundaries.
  3. Try the rule of thirds: Not sure what to write about? Write one thing that supports your industry. Something newsworthy, special announcements and trends are all good ideas. Write another thing that promotes your business. Because you obviously want to have some sort of return on investment by engaging with people, go ahead and write about one thing that promotes your business. Special sales and promotions, events and news about your business are all acceptable. Last, write about your culture. News about new employees, activities, recognitions and community outreach initiatives are all good things.
  4. Have an editorial calendar: It’s so easy to write out an editorial calendar. It keeps you on track and allows you to see what your company is writing about. You might also catch some things that haven’t been talked about or things that are talked about too much.

 Need a sample editorial calendar? Download our sample.

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