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At Boldthink, we worked with our client to invent their brand from the ground up. The challenge was clear — to craft an identity that not only resonated with their financial expertise but also conveyed a modern, forward-thinking approach.

Naming that Counts:

The birth of “Centive” was more than a mere play on words. It’s a fusion of ‘cents’ and the suffix ‘-ive’, encapsulating the essence of having the nature of value. This name not only speaks to their financial acumen but also adds a sense of purpose and added value.

Crafting Identity:

The logo and visual elements were meticulously chosen to reflect precision, trust, and a progressive outlook. The color palette, a fusion of a blue and green gradient palette, instills a sense of stability, modernness, and innovation. It’s not what you would expect from a typical accounting firm that tends to lean traditional and bland!

Digital Presence, Grounded in Purpose:

A brand is incomplete without a digital footprint. Our team designed a website landing page that not only echoes the brand’s values but also provides a seamless user experience. The landing page serves as a digital gateway, inviting visitors to explore what Centive has to offer. The purpose of this website was to give the team something to start with but it will allow them to add new pages and services as their company evolves.

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