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Check-In Wellness

Amanda and Ashlie, twin sisters with a unique business concept, sought the expertise of Boldthink to bring their healthcare concierge services for businesses to life. Recognizing the complexity of their idea, they turned to us for guidance in structuring their business model and creating a comprehensive brand plan. Through our brand sprint process, which involves a series of exercises to explore ideas and goals, we collaborated with Amanda and Ashlie to develop a solid foundation for their venture.

One of our key contributions was assisting them in generating potential business names, ultimately leading to the selection of “Check-In Wellness” as their business name. Building upon this foundation, Boldthink also took charge of crafting their brand identity, designing visually appealing business cards, and developing an engaging website landing page that served as the cornerstone of their brand presence.

This laid the groundwork for Check-In Wellness to effectively introduce their healthcare concierge services to businesses and make a lasting impact in the industry.

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