Mr. Canary

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Mr. Canary


The mission of the Mr. Canary Company is crystal clear: to operate a business that not only produces top-quality products but also makes a positive impact on the community. Their unique business model defies stereotypes by combining enterprise with social responsibility, all while ensuring a thriving bottom line. From the very beginning, Mr. Canary has been committed to manufacturing their feeders in the United States using recycled and recyclable materials. This eco-conscious approach not only reduces waste but also reflects their dedication to sustainable practices.

The Solution

Boldthink joined forces with Digital Stories Media Group to embark on an exciting project: the redesign of an E-Commerce website for Mr. Canary Company. Recognizing the playful nature of the brand, Boldthink took the initiative to go beyond the expected and provided a delightful brand refresh. This encompassed the creation of captivating new icons, engaging patterns, inviting textures, and vibrant colors.

The ultimate goal was to infuse Mr. Canary Company with a sense of fun and wit, aligning their visual identity with the unique charm of their bird feeders. Proudly made in the United States, these products have gained popularity nationwide, with distribution in major retailers across the country.

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