Posie Cosmetics

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Posie Cosmetics


Posie Cosmetics was created when founder, Tasha Gunter, decided to apply her medical experience to the world of cosmetics. As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Esthetician, she knows what it means to take care of the body from within – while helping others choose skincare products with the very best ingredients to make them look as good as they feel.

The Solution

Tasha, a visionary entrepreneur, approached Boldthink with an exciting concept for Posie Cosmetics. Eager to transform her idea into a successful reality, she sought our expertise in developing a comprehensive strategy for launching her products into the market.

Our collaboration with Tasha began with a thorough market research process. This involved analyzing competitive pricing, identifying market positioning opportunities, and crafting key messaging that would give Posie Cosmetics a compelling competitive advantage. Building upon this foundation, Boldthink then embarked on creating a cohesive brand identity, captivating packaging design, and stunning product photography.

To facilitate seamless product distribution, we also assisted Tasha in establishing an e-commerce website. This digital platform enabled her to showcase and sell her cosmetics to a wide audience, expanding the reach of Posie Cosmetics beyond traditional retail channels.