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When ProAct Indy approached Boldthink, they expressed a disconnect between their existing brand and the impactful work they were engaged in. Led by CEO Derrin Slack, the organization sought to provide youth with transformative experiences and the means to become catalysts for change within their communities.

Boldthink responded by crafting a comprehensive brand identity, aligning every element with ProAct’s mission. We incorporated the iconic Indianapolis skyline to symbolize the organization’s deep roots and connectivity within the community. The addition of raised hands in the design represents ProAct’s hands-on approach and the spirit of volunteerism.

The chosen color palette of teal blue and vibrant orange infuses energy and positivity into the brand. A unique skyline pattern, illustrated by our team, became a central motif, which integrated into collateral, messaging, and various assets. This pattern not only serves as a visual anchor but also reinforces ProAct’s narrative when engaging with community stakeholders.

From brochures to identity suites, Boldthink curated a cohesive visual language that authentically conveys ProAct Indy’s story. Our collaboration not only revamped their brand but also provided ProAct with a powerful tool to connect with their community and stakeholders.

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