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Identity Design
Key Messaging



Sequel, an innovative online retail store, reimagines the shopping experience for name-brand shoes that have been returned. Our collaboration with Sequel involved comprehensive services geared toward shaping the brand’s identity and messaging, setting the stage for its market entry.

Business Name Creation: We curated a name that encapsulates the essence of the brand — a journey continuing the story of shoes, the comeback, and offering a second chapter for footwear that deserves a new adventure.

Identity and Brand Development: We conceptualized and crafted a visual identity for Sequel, encapsulating its essence in a logo, color palette, and design elements. This brand framework was designed to resonate with the audience, symbolizing the brand’s core values and uniqueness.

Key Messaging (Mission, Vision, and Values): Our team collaborated to articulate a powerful mission statement that embodies Sequel’s commitment to redefining the retail landscape through sustainability. We crafted a compelling vision statement outlining the brand’s aspirational future and defined the core values that underpin Sequel’s ethos.

Our goal was to provide Sequel with a distinct and resonant identity in the competitive retail space. The deliverables sought to establish an emotional connection with the audience while positioning Sequel as the go-to destination for quality, scarcely-worn shoes, aligning its brand identity with its mission and values.

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