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Hilary Dolbee, our CFO, has been a vital resource for businesses nationwide for over two decades. She’s committed to enhancing decision-making through education and effective communication skills. In 2023, she decided to start her own company, bringing us to the birth of VisionPath CFO.

This new brand began with crafting a name that encompassed what a CFO does and their overall mission for clients. Hilary said best: “Beyond numbers, a CFO guides financial literacy to drive operational excellence and strategic vision.” So, we combined “vision” and “path” to showcase how Hilary takes a client’s vision for their company and guides them down the best path in all facets of business.

Next, we moved on to developing the brand identity. We crafted a logo with an approachable yet professional font and a compass with hex signs representing wealth and prosperity. We rounded out the visual identity with a fresh color palette, including a bold purple and custom icons.

Last but not least, we designed and developed a landing page for prospective and current clients to learn more about Hilary and her offerings.

Boldthink Portfolio - VisionPath CFO

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